Sunday, July 4, 2010

Communication is Key

When you have been married as long as I have you learn the keys to a successful marriage. There are many keys. Many, many keys... its like a janitors key ring there are so many keys.

Well Communication is the one that I find to be one of the most important. The Communication key. My husband and i have it down! We are like a well oiled machine sometimes. Anytime we have a disagreement we sit down and work out exactly how hubby was wrong so we can avoid his mishaps in the future. Its exhausting righting him all the time but its all in the name of a happy marriage. Patience is another key but that is a different story. So is being blissfully unaware of reality.

The reason I bring this up is an event that happened yesterday. We were down in OKC at a furniture store buying a new couch. We had already picked the couch that we both loved and to kill some time while we waited for it to be pulled from the warehouse for pickup we decided to venture to the stadium sized bedroom furniture department. I was interested in looking at all the linens that they sell since we both want a new bed spread.

We spent the next 20 minutes walking by the approximately bazillion mock bedrooms admiring all the gorgeous comforters, pillows, shams and throws. Unfortunately we weren't getting anywhere towards actually purchasing a new set. Every item I loved he hated, if he said he liked it I was disappointed in his apparent lack of taste. We talked about colors and lines, comfort and style.

I would say
"I like these colors together"
he would say
"that is too cold, and dark"

Or he would say
"I like this, its beachy"
and I would say
"did you just say peachy?"
"no I said BEACHY"

Finally we reached the end of the line and there wasn't anything that we both liked. The last bed we saw happened to be a comforter that friends of ours had just purchased.

me: "well you aren't allowed to like that last one since M & K just bought it"
him: "what? I thought their headboard had leather on it?"
me: "yeah, that wasn't their bed that was their comforter"
him: "oh, I didn't pay any attention to the comforter"
me: "what? why not?"
him: "why would I look at the comforter?"
long pause
me: "because that is what we are shopping for!"
him: "oh I was looking at the furniture"
me: "the whole time?!"
him: "you said we were looking at a bedroom set"
me: "i said we were looking for a COMFORTER set for our bedroom"
him: "well i did not hear that part"
me [palm to head slap] "did you not look at any of them?"
him: "not even one"
me: "well do you want to go back through?"
him: "not even a little"

If only everyone could communicate as clearly as we do! I'm sure the divorce rate would be lower, though murder suicide rates would likely skyrocket.