Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 24

Build a Sandman!

It's Christmas Eve and the girls could not be more excited! Beau has been counting down and wakes us every morning with an exuberant "Christmas is in _ days!!!" She proceeded to remind us, no less than 12 times, that Christmas is tomorrow and Santa is coming!

A day at the beach was exactly what we needed. Family beach time away from any school/work/cooking/wrapping stresses is like a panacea for the soul :)

What worries could I possibly have when this monkey is around to make me laugh?

Daddy got some father daughter soccer training in. Alex laughed the ENTIRE time :)

Happy in Hawaii :)

Mele Kalikimaka from my family to yours!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Beau-ism of the week

Beau had found a stick that was long enough to ride around upon the park like what appeared to be a horse.  Oh us common folk would assume it was a horse, oh no, not Beau.  This girls imagination would never waste time with a real creature.  Here is a little glimpse into the mind of this little girl...

Our neighbor Jon:  "Whatcha riding there Beau? A horse?"

Beau:  "ugh, no.  This is my unicorn Alestia, and see she has a beautiful pink legs with purple shoes, and see her hair is shimmery, like glittery, like the sun, like a silver purple crayon, and she loves when I ride her around for her exercise because she has a lots of energy, because she eats a lots of foods like for energy, so I have a to ride her so she doesn't get too much energy in the house, because energy is for outside the house, and for like I have energy to go to crossfit, because I eat lots of good foods or energy like I ride Alestia.
(notice the lack of periods, this was intentional.  She said the whole things as one long sentence)

Jon:  "Cool"

Beau:  "Yeah, she is pink."

Jon:  "Does she have wings?"

Beau:  "Absolutely not."

Jon:  "Can she blow out fire like a dragon?"

Beau:  "Absolutely not.  She is not a dragon, shes Alestia, and shes a UNICORN.  Not a dragon"

Jon:  "I bet your daddy would like it if she was a flying dragon"

Beau:  "Well...he likes her alright.  But he cant ask me because hes at the daddy store."

Jon:  "What's at the daddy store?"

Beau:  "Cigars"

And without another word she rides off on Alestia.

This girl needs to create something for a living.  She is never happier as when her mind is engrossed in the ingenious world of her imagination.

If left to her devises, she will move mountains some day.  I just know it.

Perplexing Moments with Alex

The girls were watching some christmas cartoon, I'm pretty sure it was garfield but Im not sure.  What can I say, Beau knows how to control the playstation and can turn on Netflix like a pro, it gives me more time to clean instead of micromanaging everything that happens in this house.  Win, Win!

Anyway... in the middle of a cartoon about a bunch of talking animals I hear this...

Alex:  "Hey! Pigs cant talk!"

Me:  "Wha?"

Alex:  "Mom, that pig is tawkin!"

Me:  "Um... he sure is!"

Alex (frustrated and confused):  "No mom.  Pigs cant talk!"

Me (pointing to the other animals on the screen):  "But cats, dogs, roosters, sheep, and cows can?"

Alex (points her tiny yet authoritative finger at me):  "Yeah!  But pigs CANT talk!"

Who am I to argue with that?

This girl, she will never take no for an answer. Never.  If she is not a professional negotiator of some kind it will be a waste of talent.  Some may call it stubborn, I can it passionate :)

Backtracking on Xmas

So things got a little busy and a lot stressful. But I still managed to celebrate all 25 days of Christmas, even if I didn't post it all on here.

And the best news...(drumroll please)... Hubby finished his Masters!!!! (Screw the drumroll, cue the marching band!!) I know I didn't elaborate but the Masters program was taking its toll on our happy family, by that I mean it was taking it toll on Daddy, which takes its toll on Mommy, which definitely affects the girls. So the only logical move was to put our brainy heads together ( by that I mean hubby's head is sooo brainy that by putting ours together hopefully some telepathy brain wavey absorption thingy would happen, thus making me smarter...totes worked too, obvi!) and get this masters done together. Who knew it took 2 bachelor degrees to get one masters! But it worked and we did it! Hubby is now a master :) at least he insists that is what he is called now.

Back to the 25 days of Christmas. I started this on my phone for some reason and this will be a long post so excuse me while I switch to the Mac :)

To be continued...

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Backtracking on xmas Part II

Sorry about that :)

Day 4: Make Hot Cocoa

Its safe to say, this is always a favorite.  Especially since I let them have as many "marshmeddows" as they want.

Day 8: Meet Santa!!!

The squadron always throws a keiki christmas party that is a huge hit.  There are crafts, coloring, cookie decorating, food and drinks, and of course SANTA!

Alex was still a little shy but that didn't stop her from running up and jumping on his lap.  Alex didn't ask for anything because she was really confused why he would give her a book and then ask her what she wants, "But I have a new book! See!" while she shoves it in his face.  Beau asked for "A pink unicorn with a yellow beautiful hair, and a rainbow on her back. A PINK ONE!"  I really would have appreciated Santa helping out by saying no. I had to break it to her later that Santa cant give away magical creatures, they have to stay free.

This year he left riding out on his convertible, only after talking to ALL the kids.  Its so nice to have kids at the age where they are thrilled to see him and even happier to sit on his lap.  No more screaming and crying for us :)

Day 12: Go to a Christmas Party

Its school christmas party day so that made it easy for me!  I didn't get to go to Beau's party so no pics but Alex had a blast at hers :)

 Of course, as long as there is frosting involved, this kid is pretty easy to please.

Day 15: Deliver gifts to friends

Every year we deliver our toffee and christmas cards to our neighbor friends.  Who wouldn't love to receive anything from these 2 elves?!

Day 16: Movie and Popcorn night!

I made magical christmas popcorn, huge family secret (shh, its got sugar in it).  Sam doesn't like sweet popcorn so I had to make salty too, fine by me because I like both!  This is always a favorite night for all :)

Day 18:  Look at the Christmas lights!

This is MY favorite night!  I just love walking around the neighborhood with my happy little family and looking at lights!  I would do it every night if we could :)

I love these little monkeys.  They warm my heart everyday.

Day 19:  Lets go to the Movies!!!

When Beau reads this in the advent calendar she always jumps up and down.  These girls love going to the movies!  We went to see Rise of the Guardians and they got to pick their candy.  Popcorn, candy, mini corndogs, coke, AND a cartoon.  Can it get any better?!

PS, alex saw this pic and said, "why am I a doctor? Why do's I have a doctor coat?" Ha!

Day 22: Make a Gingerbread House!

I am not a fan of gingerbread house day.  The girls love it but they always cry when I throw the remains away.  I am not going to keep a sugar house just lying around to attract bugs so I just let them decorate and eat at the same time, after they are starting to vibrate from the sugar high I toss it all.  Then comes the tears, then comes the guilt gifts.  Its never fun for long.  This year was no different.

Step 1:
Mom divides the candy, all smiles :) 
PS, prebuilt gingerbread house, GENIUS!

Step 2:
Mom pipes all the icing and they start to decorate, still happy

Step 3:
They finish decorating and admire their beautiful creation, happy girls

Step 4:
Start eating, very happy girls!

Step 5: When all the candy is gone and they have started gnawing on the corners of the roof, mom steps in and throws it all away.  No pictures because its not a pretty sight.

Step 6: Tantrums ensue.

Step 7: Someone cries themselves to sleep.

Step 8: Someone makes mommy feel guilty and horrible.

child brings out the quivering bottom lip, "Mommy. When you frew away my gingabead house it make me very sad!"
mom sniffles away the beginnings of tears, "Oh. My. God.  I am going to go buy you some gingerbread cookies!  Ok?!"

Step 9: Mom rushes into pre christmas shopping mayhem for store bought cookies.

Step 10: Girls are happy.  Mommy is tired.

Step 11: Repeat in 2013

Day 23:  Christmas Waffles!

Last year I made read and green waffles.  This year I wasn't quite as motivated so I just made red waffles.  No one was happy about this, at least until I placed a plate of syrup drenched waffles in from of them.

I think they like it :)

Thats all!  Today is Day 24 so that will be a separate post.  Any days I didn't mention here are due to no pictures or it was just a book or candy day.  There was "Lets go to the Pool" day, "Have a christmas Playdate" day, and "Deliver Cookies to Daddy's Work" day that I'm really upset I didn't get any pictures.  Maybe that should be my New Years resolution, to take more pictures...hmmm, I think I like that idea!

Oh, and there MAY have even been a day when lumps of coal were placed in the advent calendar, but then at the last minute I changed my mind and put candy in.  I'm such a sucker.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Perplexing moments with Alex

While driving in the car...

Alex: "Daddy, I don't want to ride on a shark."

Dad: "No? ...Ok."

Alex: "Yeah, acause it might get my shirt wet."

Dad: "Well that's as good a reason as any I guess."

Me: "She's not wrong."

Dad: "Never is."

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Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again!!! It's probably been about 7 months since I posted on here but as some of you know I have been beyond overwhelmed with these masters classes. I restricted myself from the computer until this was all over and I am ALMOST done (last day of class is december 24th!!!!) so hopefully I can get regular about this again soon. Until then...

Day 1: Find Gingy!

Our favorite little creeper is back and the girls were soooo excited to see him. Beau said to me a few days before his scheduled arrival "I bemember with my mind that Gingy was here and we had that box with the numbers (advent calendar) and he would fly to Santa! I bemember that! We should do that again!"

As you wish my dear :)

Day 2: Buy a Toy for A Stranger!

The girls schools are participating in Toys for Tots so I thought it would be best to let the girls pick out their own gifts to give. It took some convincing that there were kids who deserved them, Alex was convinced no other kids needed toys "but mommy I NEED dis! No oder kids NEED dem!!"

In the end they were very proud to buy dolls for others :)

Day 3: Make Christmas Cookies!

This is always a favorite day for the girls AND Sam. I let them choose the cookie colors and I guess Christmas colors for 2 little girls are pink and blue. They taste delicious anyway :)

That's all so far!!

I won't be posting everyday because I still have 7 papers to write...wish me luck!

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