The Players In This Production Called "My Life"

written February 4, 2011
*updated on March 6, 2013

My Husband
aka:  "Sam"
aka:  Daddy
aka:  My Better Half

I met Sam when I was 22, married him when I was 23, followed him around Europe when I was 24-26, fell in love with him all over again when I had his baby at 27, fell again when I had his second baby when I was 28, still head-over-heels in love at 32.

Ok, so I love him, not sure if you got that yet, but I do.  He is a pilot in the US Air Force, tall, dark and handsome and he loves me too.  Not much else you need to know about him.  Oh, except he is an amazing father that his 2 girls swoon over.

Likes:  Family, his home town of Cincinnati, anything and everything CrossFit, Paleo, The Bengals, European soccer, flying, beer, meat and potatoes, playing video games, pumpkin pie, feeling useful, his Audi A3 (which he likes to pretend he didn't have to sell and is waiting in the garage for him), Paleo treats, date nights, to be continued...

Dislikes:  Making small talk, talking or even thinking about eyeballs, running, England, watching any reality TV, watching TV dramas, watching most TV sitcoms, bread of any kind but especially crispy bread, cooked fruit, tiramisu, any meal without meat, cooking, DIY, watching TV in bed, to be continued...

My Oldest Angel
aka: Beau
aka: "B"
aka:  #1
aka:  The Tornado
aka:  Big Sister

A 5 1/2 year old who has completely captured my heart over the last 5 1/2 years.  She has hazel eyes that match mine a perfect mixture of her daddy's brown and my hazel eyes, looks just like me if you ask everyone except my mom and just like Sam if you ask my mom.  She is a spunky kindergartener who likes to wear dresses and twirl but wont hesitate to jump in a puddle or sit right down in the mud in that dress.  She is full of life and loves to be close to me everyone.  She is a Daddys girl through and through, pretty sure she is dreaming about that father daughter dance at her wedding.  She has a temper just like me and frustrates easily, just like me.  She has a heart of gold.  She is a nurturer and is so sensitive to what anyone around her is feeling.  One day she will make someone very happy.  She is beautiful, inside and out.

Likes:  summersaults, pretending, Tinkerbell, princesses, crowns and tiaras, any and all kinds of fruit, books, reading books, coloring with daddy, playing with friends, the playground, talking on the phone, kitty cats and doggies, playing outside, being pushed on the swings, riding her bike , helping in the kitchen, eating the cookie dough, sucking her thumb (still! grrr), showing off everything she can do all on her own, making up her own songs, to be continued...

Dislikes:  Bed time, nap time , being told no, time outs, sweet potato fries, cooked zucchini, anything that can be mistaken for a bug including feathers and dirt, stray hairs anywhere on her clothes or body, having her hair brushed, not having the last word, being reminded she is only 5 and cant do everything adults can do yet, to be continued...

My Baby
aka: Alex Andrea
aka:  "A"
aka:  #2
aka:  Sissy
aka:  Le le

My angel just turned 2 and is a baby ninja is 4 years old and is the most stubborn, beautiful, funny, temperamental, lovable child you have ever met.  In her 4 years of life she has found a way to make us laugh and cry from humor and frustration too many times to count.  She can tell when you are just about to explode from frustration with her arguing and will sneak in and say "Mommy, your'e beautiful.  I wuv you.", and give the softest warmest hug making you completely forget about everything else.  She has gorgeous blue eyes and light curly hair, not sure where she got either of those.  She will cuddle all day and all night with anyone who will have her.  Her smiles melt my heart.

Likes:  Her stuffed monkey, her pink blanket, carrying a purse, meat and potatoes, anything with buttons including remote controls which she will later deprogram, giving high fives, running from and teasing her big sister, kisses, being outside, being pushed on the swings for no longer than 5 minutes, playing dress-up, tip toeing around the house saying "tee toe, tee toe", whispering, milk, wearing shoes in the house, coloring, to be continued...

Dislikes:   car seats , bed time, nap time, wearing any clothes aside from shoes pants, not being able to do something herself, strangers, empty milk cups, sharing her toys, not being acknowledged when she's talking, the windows being down in the car, the windows being up in the car, the music too quiet, the music too loud, to be continued...