Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perp-Alex-ing moments

While I do the dishes I like to order my little minions around.

Easy things, like "pick up that toy", "put your shoes away", or "stop finger painting on the floor with the almond butter"-yes, that one is real. They groan and whine like every other little kid but they usually do it.

Well one day Alex was having a particularly hard time following directions and just WOULD NOT pick up her shoes and put them away.

I told her once.

I told her twice.

I literally told her 10 times (and that is a literal use of the word literally, not an "I literally cleaned the whole house today"-a regular of mine), and she still didn't budge.


This is when Alex would usually pucker out that bottom lip and summon her fake tears like only she can and say something like

"you had to be nice to me mom, no yedding (yelling)" with that little repremanding finger pointed at me and stomp up to her room.

To my surprise she took it in stride and said

"ugh fine. ROBOT!...ROBOT? Where is he? Ugh if my robot was here he would do it!"

I chuckled against my will.

"You don't have a robot"

And she replied in the clearest tone of 'well, duh' I have ever heard,

"We'll den I guess you should get one for me"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beauism of the week

Beau was very excited to tell us all about what she learned in school yesterday because it was about her favorite topic, FOOD. Her class had watched "the magic school bus healthy food show" And she was regaling us with all the healthy foods she needs to eat to keep her body strong. 

"I need to eat apples, and oranges, and grapes, and strawberries, and grapes, and mango swords, and grapes, and watermelon, and broccoli, and-"

seeing this could go on for a while I decided to switch tracks and asked her what she shouldn't eat

"We'll the guy on the movie ate gum and that's bad"

"Yeah, what else shouldn't you eat?"


Thursday, January 3, 2013

More hours in the day

I have so many things I want to post and so little time to do it!  If there were just a few more hours in the day, sigh...

Here are a few recent highlights...

Day 25 of 25 days of Christmas -   The girls took a full hour to open all their presents.  It was an absolute blast for them and us but there was just so many new things that it took days before they really got to play with everything.  It took 3 days to reorganize their playroom and find a place for all the new stuff.  I wish I was one of those people who always has toys for any age kid that comes over but frankly I cant stand having that much stuff.  Their playroom is very organized and surprisingly minimalist for a playroom.  I like order and if something doesn't have a place it will probably be thrown out.  I thought I prepped enough before the big day by tossing 3 bags but after this christmas there is another huge box to be dumped.  Well, donated.  I am that crazy lady who drops off bags of clothes/stuff at the thrift store twice a month.  I like an organized, clean, and green house so we always donate/recycle.  

Mom and Dad got their fair share of stuff too.  And a credit card bill to prove it.  I may have done some damage this year.  I kind of get a little panicky when I think about it.  

I start breathing heavy...my mouth gets dry...before I know it I'm pacing the house looking for something of my husband's to sell.  

"Two pairs of shoes?! I can scrape the dog poop off this pair and make a few bucks."
"He doesn't need this many pens, what are we staples."
"What the heck is this thing? I'm for sure selling this! Oh, wait...no that's mine." (places it back in the drawer)

It's not pretty.  

If you can stick around for a few minutes past the pleas and vows to spend less money next year, you will soon find me flipping through the post Christmas Sale ads from the newspaper, pen in hand circling my next purchases.  

I'm not proud.

 Before.  Plus Santa gifts not pictured.


Daddy playing with his new Atari.

 They love their new easel.

I guess there is always next year to focus on teaching them the true meaning of Christmas.

New Year 2013

The last day of 2012 was calm and perfect.  Mom and Dad got some time to buy our new iPhone 5's (squeal!).  Some friends came to hang for a few hours.  The boys indulged in cigars and scotch while the girls watched Brave with all three of their new Merida dolls on hand.  We let the kids stay up late and when they finally dozed off the adults ventured to the neighborhood party.  Lots of laughs with friends and hugs and kisses at midnight.  

Cheers to this guy surviving another year with me!

And I didn't end the night looking like this! ;)

2013 has some big shoes to fill!

Beau has become a writing machine

Beau has learned to sound things out and loves to write notes for everyone.  Her favorite game is playing waitress and asking everyone what they want to eat while she doodles on her notepad.  It is endless entertainment for us to try and decipher what she tried to write.  

I woke up the other day with a note on our chalkboard and Beau screaming
"Mom! We get to go to Miss Ambers house today and play at the pool!  See I wrote it!"

and tha has a pol
(and they has a pool)

here are some more...

Beau is fayrsot
(Beau is five years old)

I wont a jrm
(I want a drum)

And my favorite, my xmas card this year

It says:  "Merry Christmas!  I love you.  Beau and Mom and Daddy and Alex and Owen", but she really likes to put lines between some words and not others so it became "I love | you" and "DadyandAlex".  Oh and I love that she included her cousin Owen, even if she spelled it Omin :)