Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alex being Alex

"What you looking at?  
You want my cracker?"

"Nope, can't have it.  See too late, its already in my mouth" 

"Whats wrong with you?  
Its. Already. In. My. Mouth" 

"Dude. Your getting on my last nerve" 

"That's it, I have no other choice....
I'm going to have to tell your mom."

Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise

We had an adventure of a lifetime!  I had bought these tickets on Living Social for a sunset cruise on the north shore way back in July.  Fast forward to February and the tickets are about to expire!  Well I am so glad we waited as long as we did because had we gone in July it would have been a completely different cruise.

We got to see whales!!!  When I went on the shark dive I got to see the back of 2 whales but they were very far away.  Not the case this day, we saw dozens!!!  The closest ones were just 30 yards or so away!!

Posing before the cruise

Aww, aren't we adorable :)

 The captain let Beau and Ali help "steer"

Sitting on daddy shoulder

Beau was looking for whales

Managed to catch one on film!

The sunset was amazing

Its safe to say Beau had a fabulous time!

Alex found the snacks

But we didn't just see them, we got to listen to them too!  The captain had a nifty microphone that he placed in the water and we listened for about 10 minutes to the amazing sounds they make.  Here's a video :)

The Whales migrate down here every winter to have their adorable babies, its estimated that close to 30,000 make Hawaii home over the winter months!  You would think with those numbers I wouldn't feel so special getting to see a few...you would be wrong!  It was amazing!

Once the sun set we brought the girls in and the captain turned on the "super duper bright red light" (that's a quote from Beau, not the captain)

Heres a special little clip of our awesome captain blowing the conch shell.

Trip of a lifetime!

Parent Teacher Conferences

A few weeks ago it was parent teacher conferences for Beaus school.  This was a first for all of us so I was actually a little nervous!  No one wants to hear that their kids are struggling in school and I wasn't sure I would be able to handle that kind of news with any sort of grace. In fact I had already prepared my answer for when she would tell us Beau has ADHD and needs to be sent to a home to for professional help...

"You think you know my kid?! Huh?! Lets take this outside and I can introduce you to my friends Lloyd and Harry!" (for this to make any sense I must explain that I have name my fists Lloyd and Harry...for that to make any sense you must know that those are the main characters names in Dumb and Dumber...if that doesn't make sense you must leave my blog because you are obviously a terrorist)

....What was I talking about?....

Well the nerves were all for nothing because Beau got a rave review!  Im sure the teacher gave everyone a rave review but at least the things she had to say about Beau werent general compliments they were all things we already knew and loved about her.

Beau's rave reviews were...
Might be the happiest kid I have ever seen (well thats good to hear)
Seriously I have never seen her even a little sad (you must be a lot nicer to her than we are)
She is genuinely excited about everything (can you teach her how to go to bed at night without crying?)
She loves everyone and everything in the class (do you babysit?)
She has a great self image and confidence (we already knew that her royal highness has a good self image)
She is very independent (duh)
She knows all the fundamentals to move on to kindergarten next year (woohoo! Mommy gets one kid to go to school full time next year!! *happy dance*)

Beau's not so rave reviews were...
She loves to talk on the quiet carpet so she has to be reminded it is a QUIET carpet (no big surprise there)
She can't tie her own shoes (we only wear flip flops here so that needs to be worked on)
She could only count to 26 when we tested her (Beau responded by counting to 30)

And the final thing her teacher said she needed to work on...
Teacher: "She can't do a forward somersault"
Me: "..... ok.....wait....seriously?!  Beau do an applesauce"
Beau immediately does a perfect somersault,
Teacher: "OK i guess we can mark that off the list"
Me: "Yeah for some reason when she was like 2 she called it an applesauce and we have all called it that ever since"
Beau: "15.16.17."
Me: "Its probably just because it was the longest word she could pronounce so she thought it was the same thing"
Beau: "26. 27. 28."
Me: "Beau you can stop doing applesauce now"

So our little angel is going to move on to kindergarten next year!!!!  What?!?!

And I didn't even have to call in the help of Lloyd and Harry.

Just the 3 of us...

Sam had to go on a last minute trip for the week so it is just the 3 girls!

When my whole family is together its hard to find the time to keep this blog updated...but when the hubby is away I have no one to talk to after the girls go to bed, perfect opportunity to keep family, friends and Sam updated.

Today the girls let me sleep in (wonderful gift since we were out late for St. Patty's day last night), but we were up and running in time to watch Daddy's plane taxi away by 9.  I like to treat the girls (and myself) a bit when Sam leaves so we went out to breakfast at a restaurant here on base.  Its just a grille with not great food but the location is awesome.

You can't tell from this picture since that dang sun is always out in Hawaii ruining my pictures ;), but the ocean is right over that grass hill.

Then we fed the fish and waited until it was time for our photo session with a new photographer I found here.  While feeding the fish I received an email that the photog had to cancel because she was sick (sounds to me like she had a case of the "I partied too hard for St. Patty's Day and now I have a hangover".

The girls were already dressed pretty so I decided to take the photos myself :)

Here are a few of my favorites, though these have yet to be photoshopped so they aren't great yet.

Alex is running after the plane saying "that's daddys plane"...its a Hawaiian Airlines jet...I'm sure daddy wishes it was his plane sweetheart.

Hurry home babe :)