Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just the 3 of us...

Sam had to go on a last minute trip for the week so it is just the 3 girls!

When my whole family is together its hard to find the time to keep this blog updated...but when the hubby is away I have no one to talk to after the girls go to bed, perfect opportunity to keep family, friends and Sam updated.

Today the girls let me sleep in (wonderful gift since we were out late for St. Patty's day last night), but we were up and running in time to watch Daddy's plane taxi away by 9.  I like to treat the girls (and myself) a bit when Sam leaves so we went out to breakfast at a restaurant here on base.  Its just a grille with not great food but the location is awesome.

You can't tell from this picture since that dang sun is always out in Hawaii ruining my pictures ;), but the ocean is right over that grass hill.

Then we fed the fish and waited until it was time for our photo session with a new photographer I found here.  While feeding the fish I received an email that the photog had to cancel because she was sick (sounds to me like she had a case of the "I partied too hard for St. Patty's Day and now I have a hangover".

The girls were already dressed pretty so I decided to take the photos myself :)

Here are a few of my favorites, though these have yet to be photoshopped so they aren't great yet.

Alex is running after the plane saying "that's daddys plane"...its a Hawaiian Airlines jet...I'm sure daddy wishes it was his plane sweetheart.

Hurry home babe :)

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