Thursday, May 20, 2010

A moment I don't ever want to forget.

After morning snack my girls are usually quite hyper. Something having to do with a full belly I am guessing, but what ever the cause it is like clock work. As soon as they walk away from the table they are running after each other and laughing. It usually goes something along the lines of this...

B runs away with A trotting quickly behind her as fast as those little legs will allow. I stay in the kitchen to clean the mess for a few minutes. Screams or mischievous laughter or both drag me out to find one of several options.

1. The DVD tower will be completely emptied from its previously alphabetized state.
2. They will be emptying the toy box for no reason other than to have it empty. Seriously, they will have absolutely no interest in playing with anything.
3. The toilet paper roll will be unrolled and all or some will be in the toilet.
4. B will be chasing or running away from A. The child being chased usually is laughing with the other child's cup in hand who in turn is screaming.
5. They have found a way into my bathroom and are under the sink pulling out the millions of products I don't use but feel the need to keep.

I have become OK with these possibilities. I have learned that if I want the DVDs to stay alphabetized they need to be in another room. The toy box is supposed to be empty except at bed time. I should have learned my lesson by now to keep the toilet paper out of reach of little hands, and my bedroom door must remain locked all day long. And sisters fighting over things is part of being siblings, they will work it out and be fine. This is just how it is.

But today was different. Today no screaming alerted me it was time to save someone or something. It was just quiet. And quiet with toddlers is usually not a good thing. I assessed the situation to find the DVDs intact, toys still put away, and the bathroom doors still closed.

I snuck around the hall to find both girls in their bedroom. And I saw something wonderful.

I saw B "reading" her flash cards to A. They were both sitting on the ground facing each other while B showed a card to sissy, asked her what it was, then said "good girl" and gave her the card. All they while my little 1 year old was sitting completely amused in the cards big sister was giving her. They would smile at each other and laugh. They were sharing, and not because I told them to, because they just were. And it wasn't just that they were sharing, or not screaming, it was that in that moment they were completely happy.

I needed a picture of this! It is too easy to miss these moments. Too often I find myself after the fact saying "I wish I had taken a picture". Not this time, I would get my perfect shot now.

As I started to step away I stopped.

Something about the moment made me want to stay and watch and enjoy instead of rushing away for a picture. It seemed too personal for a picture, something just for me to see. The joy of seeing my 2 girls having fun together, being 2 sisters who not only love each other but like each other. And I knew the moment would end too soon, I couldn't just leave, I didn't want to miss a second of it. I don't need a picture, its too precious a moment to ever be properly captured on film. A picture cant possible do it justice. Stepping behind a camera would take me away from the pleasure of just being in the moment. So I just stayed and watched and enjoyed.

And when the moment ended, I thought...

I wish I had taken a picture.

But this other one is sweet too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cookie Mission: Update

This last batch was horrible!

Well as horrible as chocolate chip cookies can be.

They were flat, too soft and I tried pecans instead of almonds.

Note: Pecans lack any real flavor when mixed with yummy chocolate and granola. Almonds are a must.

The real reason for this bad batch is the granola, I am convinced. The commissary is the only place in town that sold my favorite brand of granola. So on Sunday when I ran to get my cookie supplies I found they had ran out. Only worse, they weren't just out, they had shuffled new items in its place...

*gasp* they have discontinued my favorite granola!!!

What am I going to do? Don't they know I am on the verge of a cookie breakthrough?! What are they trying to do to me?

I decided that it would be fine so I bought another brand ( and it was a different flavor too since apparently Cascadian Farms is the only one who can sell perfect granola ). It wasn't fine. This was the worst cookie so far.

But on the bright side I did learn a few things...

1. no pecans
2. always almonds
3. a tsp of instant coffee is sounding like a good idea
4. flax seed is another great addition, no flavor added only health :)

I am well on my way, hang in there with me folks and I will have the recipe soon

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 4 am ER trip

I have been a mom now for almost 3 years. In that time have never been to the ER. That seems to be quite a feat from what I have heard from other mom who are working on trips in the double digits by the time their kids reach 3 years.

Well, my perfect streak came to a screeching halt yesterday morning.

I was violently awakened from my peaceful slumber at 4:00 am to the sounds of my youngest angel screaming from the top of her lungs. For a brief second I assessed the scream. Is is pain? Tired? Bad dream? Sick? I immediately decided that this scream wouldn't cry itself out and I needed to get in there before she woke her big sister. Amazingly her sister was still asleep so I whisked her out asap.

After checking her over I found a fever of 102, deep gravely cough, new tooth coming in and the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.

At this point a million things go through your mind. Is it serious enough to go see a doctor? Should I wait and see a doctor in the morning? Go to the ER now? Am I a bad mother to drag her out of the house now? Am I a bad mother to wait? Is it an ear infection? Croup? Do I bring big sister so daddy can go to work?

So I decided a trip to the ER would be best. But trips to the ER are always terrible aren't they? We have all heard the horror stories about late night runs to the emergency room. It would seem from those stories that my mom was right, nothing good ever happens after midnight.

But I decided my screaming child needed medical attention that I couldn't give. I doped her up with Tylenol, changed her diaper, got her dressed in comfy clothes, and whisked her off to the ER... oh, and with big sister sleepily in tow. We were quite a sight I can assure you.

I may or may not have left the house with a different flip flop on each foot. And I may have later discovered that my hair looked as though I had just stepped out of a wind tunnel... but it is Oklahoma so that is always a possible weather option here.

I decided the trip was a good idea. My baby wasn't terribly traumatized, though I'm sure being tired and sick in a strange hospital will do nothing to help her fear of doctors. It turns out she has a yeast infection. Poor baby!

Daddy of course replied with "how the hell did she get a yeast infection at 1 year old?!" I assured him it wasn't that bad, more like athletes foot on her rear. I realize now that shouldn't have made it seem any better but it worked for him. I explained that when sitting in a wet diaper for 24 hours an infection is almost inevitable. He calmed down, wished me good luck with the rest of my day and went back to sitting with his feet up on his desk, maybe catching an early nap before lunch. You know, the usual.

I realize that is not at all what any day is like for him, in fact he works very hard, I know he does. But when I have just been woken up after 4 hours of sleep, knowing I have a very hard day ahead of me with 2 tired toddlers, and no hopes of a nap, I couldn't help but get the image of WM lounging in his chair with his hat cocked over his eyes, snoozing.

The fever was under control quickly and with a super cream called "Poop Goop" coating her bottom she is well on her way to recovery.

Oh and B was amazing at the hospital. She helped me keep sissy full of Cheerios, kept her laughing by roaring at her (it always makes her laugh), and never strayed from my side. I love that little girl, and she is getting so big! I know I should feel bad about that but I cant help but feel happy, but mostly proud at what a good little girl she is becoming.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I use the term "Gardener" loosely!

Ok, so I have grown to LOVE doing things outside in the yard. Well, maybe its not so much the actual activities as the feeling of accomplishment when I have a beautiful garden to show for it. Pulling weeds isnt so bad, mowing can be fun and good exercise, planting is relaxing, and the end results are amazing. Before this year I never tried too many things in my garden, in fact less is usually more for me. I had perfected growing grass, replanted a few bushes, grown tulips and could dig up just about anything. So this year I decided I wanted to grow food. How hard can it be? I have planted tulips in the fall and waited all winter to see their beautiful sprouts in the spring, food cant be much harder!

Well, apparently food is a lot harder.

I made a few crucial mistakes. The first mistake is I decided to plant from seed. I should have started with plants and just replanted them, I know I can do that. Growing from seed requires little soil pods, water, a very delicate hand and tons of time and patience. Well, I dont have the patience required. As soon as I started to see anything green I threw those little pods in the ground thinking plants are like fish, they will only grow to the size their pot will allow. So I wanted them in the ground so they could get big fast and I could eat!

Well, they died. They all died! It is like, well, any scene in Saving Private Ryan out there. Except of course with little plant corpses instead of people. Its true, there is nothing left except little dried brown sprouts. I have tried everything, water, soil, food, sun, rain, nothing worked. They are gone. My dreams of a free organic garden are dead.

I just wish I hadn't told everyone I was planting a garden this year. And I wish I hadn't promised everyone a party with all my new great food. And that I hadn't already thought of all the delicious recipes, and thought of a perfect name for the party, "Sara's Delectable Vegetable Party". And I really wish I hadn't found these beautiful little plant invites that would be perfect for my Garden Party, and already bought them. I wish a lot of things.

Mostly I wish I had just bought plants to grow instead of seeds. Because I can do that! In fact I did buy one vegetable in plant instead of seed. Just check out my potatoes!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I Love Mother's Day

Ok, there really are too many things to list here, but being a mom to my 2 beautiful daughters is reason #1!

B is almost 3 and makes life more enjoyable everyday. Or depending on proximity to nap and or food time she can make life more hectic/exhausting/frustrating, etc. But lets go with enjoyable for now.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it has surpassed any other day for me. The kisses, hugs, doting, cooking, gifts and general praise that my family gives me make my birthday and (sorry hubby) even my anniversary pale in comparison. Yesterday didn't disappoint.

My darling husband was have a secret conversation with my oldest angel at the breakfast table while I was grabbing yet another helping of the delicious breakfast that I didn't have to make. It was a very hushed conversation, and I knew it had to be something along the lines of "Tell Mommy Happy Mother's day". But the whispers were going on for quite a while and I knew it wasn't going well. After another few moments of whispers and my husbands giggles I couldn't play dumb any longer. I walked back to the table and heard the sweetest little voice whisper..

I'm realizing that I could fill a whole blog of all the crazy things my kids say! That's not what she said, I'm just realizing that and it would be great. Well, for me anyway! back to my angel, here is how it went down.

Mommy gets up from the table to grab seconds or thirds... or fourths of her Mother's Day Breakfast. Daddy leans over and whispers to B

Daddy: Tell your mom 'Happy Mother's Day'
B: (whispering) Tella oo mom Happy Other's Day
Daddy: (chuckles but still whispering) No, say it louder
B: (still whispering) Say it Wouder
Daddy: (chuckles again and whispers) Tell your mommy Happy Mother's Day but say it loud
B: (whispering) ghosjtodhfjwka uthejafduithjk - translation: ?????
Daddy: (whispering) What? Just say 'Happy Mother's Day', go tell your mom.

B looks right at me and whispers,

B: 'Happy Birthday Mom'

Daddy has a laughing fit. I might just need to have another one of these creatures in my life!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

One thing I love about my kids

the way they talk! Oh those cute little voices can turn a day from bad to amazing with just a few words.

A isnt talking too much, well not real words at least, but everything she says is so adorable to me that I cant help but laugh. B is talking a storm and her delivery and mispronunciation is the best part. The thing that really got me thinking about this was dinner last night. We were eating mashed potatoes and she kept calling them "tatoes". Well as cute as it was her daddy wanted her to pronounce it correctly. Here is how it went.

Dad: "Say, Po-tay-toes"
B: "Tayyy Toes"
Dad: "Ha ha, no. Say Po-tay-toes"
B: "Payy Toes" (loud)
Dad: "Close. Say Po"
B: "PO" (louder)
Dad: "Tay"
B: "Tay" (even louder)
Dad: "Toes"
B: "Toes" (yes, louder)
Dad: "Potatoes"
B: (screaming) "Pawaynoes! Yay"

Then takes the biggest bite of Pawaynoes her spoon could handle. So big that excess amounts squeeze between her lips as she chews. Daddy handles this by falling out of his chair with laughter. I manage to look over at A who is just staring in awe at big sister, then throws up her hand to her for a high five... then I joined my husband on the floor laughing.

Mission : Cookies

Mission to find the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies...I am almost there! This last batch was great but there was still a little room for improvement.

For me the perfect cookies have:

GOOD Chocolate - regular chocolate chips are great, but every recipe uses brands like Hershey's or Nestle. Plus the refrigerator cookies are great and easy, why would I try and make the same cookie at home with more steps and more time. Good chocolate, my favorite is Ghiradelli, really adds that extra pow that a good cookie needs.

Oats - oats add the necessary texture and mass that a good cookie needs. I don't want a flat cookie that breaks in half when you pick it up.

Nuts - I am still searching for the perfect nut to go with chocolate chip cookies. This last time I used Almonds. And they were great, but I think they really needed to be chopped smaller. Walnuts work good too but sometimes a bad walnut sneaks in and can be sour, not good for a cookie. I am going to try pecans next time but I am thinking I may need to find a mixture of several nuts. Hmm...

To be continued...

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am on a mission

to find the perfect recipes of a few staples. There are things that I make often and have tried too many variations to count for said recipes. I am tired of trying and trying and being disappointed... so I am on a mission.

I guess I figure if I set out on a mission than making the same meal 13 times in one month doesnt seem so crazy.

Well, maybe it still does.

But I don't care because I am on a mission.

This mission includes combining several recipes through trial and error until I find the perfect mixture to please my palate. Since mine is the one that matters since I am doing all the work.

Ok, the recipes I want to perfect are...

*Cookies, good ol choclate chip


*Chicken Fried Rice


*Granola Bars



*Fish and or Shrimp Soup




*Salsa. Oh yeah, I can check that off the list already :)

*Chicken Curry/Tikka Masala/Kurma

*Lasagna or Macaroni Bake


*Bolognase Sauce

and I'm sure the list will continue to grow.

I plan on posting my progress but please forgive the pictures, I am FAR from a professional. And since I just lost out on Pioneer Womans Camera Giveaway I am still working will a little point and shoot. Sigh, some day I will own a DSLR! But these recipes cant wait until then, I will have to push on with out it :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Gas

Around 10:00 this morning there was a knock at the front door. Pretty unusual for us. Even more unusual was the fact that it was a firewoman. Is that what they are called or are they female firemen?

Anyway, she informed us that there was a large gas by the house behind ours. She just wanted to inform us to avoid open flame and that it would be fixed soon. No problem... except that the girls were getting restless and wanted to go play outside. And it was stinky outside. Really stinky. It gave me a headache after a few minutes.

So I packed them up in the car with some lunch, water and blankets and we headed to the park for the next few hours. Or until they needed to crash, whichever comes first.

The park was great of course, the weather is fantastic and with the midget walking now they can both play by themselves and together. Except on the swings. God help me, I cant wait until they both learn how to pump their legs!

The nap time crash came later than I thought, which was great. They are currently sleeping and going on 3 hours now. Ahh I love the park! Not to say that I don't love spending time with them!

Oh and the gas is gone :) Thankfully there weren't any problems, I left the gas water heater on when I left and visions of huge mushroom clouds on the horizon were haunting me while at the park. Luckily I had the sounds of pure toddler bliss to keep me occupied :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling Artsy

I was having fun with my camera over the weekend and decided to post some of the better moments. Sadly I am not a photographer and I dont have a spectacular camera so keep that in mind as you look at these.

Really I was just having fun.

See the beautiful colors. I LOVE RED! Its true, its my favorite color, we have a special bond me and red. I love pink too... but that is just pale red, no wonder I love it.

This little ant was having a field day on here. I got so captivated I ended up watching him for about 5 minutes. All this time my girls were begging for some time on the swings.

"hang on, mommy is watching an ant"


"ok, I'm coming"

But only if you will let me sneak a pic, and maybe a squeeze, of those deliciously chubby feet!

Ok, quit showing off your beautiful eyelashes. I think she knows I have a complex about my short stumps that are supposed to be my eyelashes, she does this to taunt me. I know it!

I think she will love this pics when she gets older. I know I love it now :)

A fantastic Weekend

Ahh, spring is here and I am LOVING it!!! The weather this weekend was fantastic and we tried to make the most of it. On Saturday morning we were up and out of the house by 8 ( since my lovely girls do not sleep in ) and off to the farmers market. Last weekend I tried to make a trip with just me and B and found the market completely empty. Low and behold the opening weekend was THIS weekend. So I had grand ideas for the opening ceremony.

The market was a little less than I expected.

Actually it was a lot less that I expected.

There was maybe 6 vendors and of those only 2 had any food to sell. The rest had crafty things that simply are not my cup of tea and a few only had ads for what they would bring next weekend!

What!? Next Weekend?! Why was the market even open this week then?

Anyway, I did find a lovely bag of mixed greens for a yummy salad and some oh so yummy cheese. One is a tomato basil white cheddar and the other is called a "cowboy" cheddar... uh, YUM! Actually it a blend of about 12 different spices but it looks delicious so we are pretty excited about that. Especially B, she kept saying "i wanna cowboy cheese peease".

There was a parade going on downtown right by the market so were were all set to show the girls their first parade.

Didn't work out too well. We had a great spot right on the curb where we would be able to see the bands long before they got to us. It was a great spot until a local family came and sat next to us. There was nothing wrong with them in particular, except they were very overweight, thus taking up a lot of space that wasn't available and pushing us over into the people next to us. And they had 2 yappy little dogs (named "sassy" and "precious", *gag* ) that I was terrified were going to bite one or both of my angels. Oh and they had a box full of donuts, and of course any 3 year old sees donuts and immediately wants one. Not good for the parents who don't want said 3 year old to eat that kind of food, except on very rare occasions. So I guess there was a lot wrong with them. So we left before the parade even had a chance to start. Boo.

After that I dropped Wing Man and A off at home for nap time while I took my biggest angel to go shopping. (cue angels singing) Yes, shopping. Not on a time limit, just walking and randomly picking items to spend WM's money on. We had a great time and B was WONDERFUL, way better than I could have ever expected. My girl is growing up and I couldn't be happier about it :)

We lunched together and WM went to a Kentucky Derby party. He had a great time while I played with the munchkins. After he got home I went to a scrapbook party where I attempted to be creative, unsuccessfully.

Sunday was great with a trip to the park, commissary, yard work, blogging, and while WM rode his bike to the gym I took both girls to get Daddy's Father's Day present going. It is a super cute idea that I will share after FD so I don't kill the surprise. Let's just say it will have to be a yearly tradition around here from now on!

Ahh, I love family weekends don't you :)