Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I use the term "Gardener" loosely!

Ok, so I have grown to LOVE doing things outside in the yard. Well, maybe its not so much the actual activities as the feeling of accomplishment when I have a beautiful garden to show for it. Pulling weeds isnt so bad, mowing can be fun and good exercise, planting is relaxing, and the end results are amazing. Before this year I never tried too many things in my garden, in fact less is usually more for me. I had perfected growing grass, replanted a few bushes, grown tulips and could dig up just about anything. So this year I decided I wanted to grow food. How hard can it be? I have planted tulips in the fall and waited all winter to see their beautiful sprouts in the spring, food cant be much harder!

Well, apparently food is a lot harder.

I made a few crucial mistakes. The first mistake is I decided to plant from seed. I should have started with plants and just replanted them, I know I can do that. Growing from seed requires little soil pods, water, a very delicate hand and tons of time and patience. Well, I dont have the patience required. As soon as I started to see anything green I threw those little pods in the ground thinking plants are like fish, they will only grow to the size their pot will allow. So I wanted them in the ground so they could get big fast and I could eat!

Well, they died. They all died! It is like, well, any scene in Saving Private Ryan out there. Except of course with little plant corpses instead of people. Its true, there is nothing left except little dried brown sprouts. I have tried everything, water, soil, food, sun, rain, nothing worked. They are gone. My dreams of a free organic garden are dead.

I just wish I hadn't told everyone I was planting a garden this year. And I wish I hadn't promised everyone a party with all my new great food. And that I hadn't already thought of all the delicious recipes, and thought of a perfect name for the party, "Sara's Delectable Vegetable Party". And I really wish I hadn't found these beautiful little plant invites that would be perfect for my Garden Party, and already bought them. I wish a lot of things.

Mostly I wish I had just bought plants to grow instead of seeds. Because I can do that! In fact I did buy one vegetable in plant instead of seed. Just check out my potatoes!

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