Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling Artsy

I was having fun with my camera over the weekend and decided to post some of the better moments. Sadly I am not a photographer and I dont have a spectacular camera so keep that in mind as you look at these.

Really I was just having fun.

See the beautiful colors. I LOVE RED! Its true, its my favorite color, we have a special bond me and red. I love pink too... but that is just pale red, no wonder I love it.

This little ant was having a field day on here. I got so captivated I ended up watching him for about 5 minutes. All this time my girls were begging for some time on the swings.

"hang on, mommy is watching an ant"


"ok, I'm coming"

But only if you will let me sneak a pic, and maybe a squeeze, of those deliciously chubby feet!

Ok, quit showing off your beautiful eyelashes. I think she knows I have a complex about my short stumps that are supposed to be my eyelashes, she does this to taunt me. I know it!

I think she will love this pics when she gets older. I know I love it now :)

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