Saturday, May 8, 2010

One thing I love about my kids

the way they talk! Oh those cute little voices can turn a day from bad to amazing with just a few words.

A isnt talking too much, well not real words at least, but everything she says is so adorable to me that I cant help but laugh. B is talking a storm and her delivery and mispronunciation is the best part. The thing that really got me thinking about this was dinner last night. We were eating mashed potatoes and she kept calling them "tatoes". Well as cute as it was her daddy wanted her to pronounce it correctly. Here is how it went.

Dad: "Say, Po-tay-toes"
B: "Tayyy Toes"
Dad: "Ha ha, no. Say Po-tay-toes"
B: "Payy Toes" (loud)
Dad: "Close. Say Po"
B: "PO" (louder)
Dad: "Tay"
B: "Tay" (even louder)
Dad: "Toes"
B: "Toes" (yes, louder)
Dad: "Potatoes"
B: (screaming) "Pawaynoes! Yay"

Then takes the biggest bite of Pawaynoes her spoon could handle. So big that excess amounts squeeze between her lips as she chews. Daddy handles this by falling out of his chair with laughter. I manage to look over at A who is just staring in awe at big sister, then throws up her hand to her for a high five... then I joined my husband on the floor laughing.

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