Friday, September 30, 2011

Beauism of the Week

It was an average Thursday.  Alex was napping and Beau was busy playing with her pretend daughter Asalyn on the living room floor.  Beau was teaching her how to drink her fake tea properly when her stomach growled very loudly, jolting her back to reality from her world of butterflies and rainbows.

"Ooops, my tummy farted!  I better go get some food to keep it quiet."

I cant make this up people.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauism of the Week

I was quietly distracting myself on the couch with my Pinterest obsession when my two angels started fighting upstairs in their playroom.  It doesn't matter what they were fighting about because they are a 4 year old and a 2 year old, I assure you it was nothing epic.  I listened as it escalated from "dont touch my doll", to "bah hgod fhorrf foejo" . . . well, it was something like that, its hard to tell what they are saying when they start crying.  I knew my quiet Pinteret moment would soon be over.  

Sure enough, Beau comes down stairs ready to tattle on her little sister.

I vaguely listen as she tells me that her sister did something completely unfair and how tough life is with Alex for a little sister.  It's all quite ridiculous and I know that no more time needs to be dedicated to this.  

I interrupt with, "Beau, it makes me really sad when you and your sister fight.  Cant you just be nicer to each other?"

She pauses . . . ponders for a moment . . . then, shrugs her shoulders and says, 

"Well, you're just gonna be real sad"

She then turned and walked back upstairs. 

Little stinker.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Makapuu Lighthouse hike--FAIL

I have started enforcing M.andatory F.amily F.un D.ays in my house.  My master plan is to venture out on a hike or walk or exploration to a new spot on the island every weekend.  What better way to get the most out of our time here and catch all the best spots.

Well 3 weeks ago we tried start MFFD by taking the girls on their first hike.  I scoped out a location that sounded great.  Makapuu Lighthouse Hike is a costal trek along a paved road with breathtaking views of both the south and north shores.  It ends at the Makapuu Lighthouse with cool coastal breezes to cool off your 1 1/2 mile hike.  It didnt sound too steep so I thought the girls would have no problem keeping up.  So off we went.

We woke the girls early so we could get there and start before it got too hot.  Not a great idea, they both woke grumpy but we decided to go anyway.  Mommy packed a light snack for the hike but in my excitement to leave the house didnt really feed anyone before we left, I just rushed them out the door.  Again, not a great idea.  I have been a mother to Beau for over 4 years, a mother to Alex for 2 1/2 years and a wife to Sam for 8 years . . . I should know by now that these people need to eat.  We didn't even make it out the driveway before the whining and crying started, by the time we pulled into the parking lot a temper tantrum was in full swing . . . and that was just Sam.

What would a normal person do at this point?  Probably just go and get some food, and put everyone back to sleep.

What would a crazy "I've already planned this day out and turning around isn't on the itinerary"person, do? That's right I pushed everyone up that hill.  Well, metaphorically.  In actuality I bribed with promises of food and ice cream.  Alex, isn't quite old enough for bribes, she is more of an instant gratification kind of girl, so she wasn't having any of it.  I pulled out and quickly ran out of the snack I packed.  What was I thinking with 2 string cheeses, 2 mandarin oranges, apple slices and handful of almonds I packed, Beau uses that as an appetizer most days.  Once I ran out of food Alex plopped herself down and refused to budge.  We may or may not have actually dragged her up parts of that hill.

When were weren't dragging her or carrying her she was dragging her own feet a good 20 feet behind us.

We reached the 1/2 mile point after about 35 minutes, gallons of tears and snot had been shed, yet still I pressed on.  I calmed the girls with a plaque of whales since we had reached a prime whale watching site, and we rested.  I managed to snap a few deceivingly calm pics.

The girls taking in the view

The waves crashing below

But all too quickly Alex got bored of looking at the amazingly beautiful view and protested that she was going home and headed back down the mountain.

Daddy, who was tired, hungry and grumpy himself had had enough, he finally flung alex over his shoulder and headed back to the car.  I realized he had the keys and just might leave me there, so I grabbed Beaus hand and tried to keep up.  After about 1/4 mile he slowed down to wait for us.  He had somehow managed to calm Ali and they both seemed to be in a better mood.  

We made it to the car together, left together and ate breakfast and ice cream together.  It was a colossal failure as far as the hike was concerned but Mandatory Family Fun Day had a new rule: Eat Breakfast together after a well rested nights sleep.

Stay Tuned:  Makapuu Lighthouse Hike Part II, did we make it to the top???

Daddy's 1st Triathlon!

Sam had his 1st Triathlon last month.  It started crazy early in the morning but the girls were troopers and were happy to cheer daddy on.  It took place at Kaneohe Bay Marine Base, which is a tiny island that is entirely a Marine base.  It is breathtakingly gorgeous there.  Watching the sunrise while my husband was swimming, biking, and running his heart out wasnt a bad way to start off the day.

This was a sprint triathlon.  It consisted of a 500 meter swim, 11.1 mile bike, and 5K run.

Here is the transition area with all the marine helicopters in the background.

 Hubby is in there somewhere waiting for the gun.  I know he was keeping to the back to try and avoid getting submerged in the chaos.

 Getting hosed off after the swim so they dont feel all salty the rest of the race.

Cheering on Daddy while he transitioned to the bike.

I missed the transition off the bike because he came in 10 minutes faster than he thought he would.  But at least we saw him zoom by during the 5K.

Finish time 1 hr 22 mins and 18 sec.  He already cant wait for next year so he can blast that time.

What's better than having this at the finish line?
Well, maybe a shady place to sit with some water, but the hug was a close second :)

 His cheering squad!

Final verdict is:  Daddy is hooked and already signed up for another :)
I realize I didnt load the movie properly of Beau's swim lessons.  Here it is again so you can actually watch it.  If you missed the post about her lessons you can catch up here.  

Enjoy :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beauism of the week

There is an epic game of tug of war going on in my house right now.

My oldest firecracker has declared war with Daddy over a stick.  

Daddy isn't aware the situation has escalated from playful keep away to full on war because, even though Beau is pulling with all her might, Daddy is absently holding the stick with one hand while also watching TV.

Her grip is weakening and her strength is faltering.  She knows the end is near.  She looks him in the eye and through gritted teeth she summons the remainder of her strength to utter a single threat...

"I get stronger everyday.  And I get older every year"

Well, she's not wrong.