Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauism of the Week

I was quietly distracting myself on the couch with my Pinterest obsession when my two angels started fighting upstairs in their playroom.  It doesn't matter what they were fighting about because they are a 4 year old and a 2 year old, I assure you it was nothing epic.  I listened as it escalated from "dont touch my doll", to "bah hgod fhorrf foejo" . . . well, it was something like that, its hard to tell what they are saying when they start crying.  I knew my quiet Pinteret moment would soon be over.  

Sure enough, Beau comes down stairs ready to tattle on her little sister.

I vaguely listen as she tells me that her sister did something completely unfair and how tough life is with Alex for a little sister.  It's all quite ridiculous and I know that no more time needs to be dedicated to this.  

I interrupt with, "Beau, it makes me really sad when you and your sister fight.  Cant you just be nicer to each other?"

She pauses . . . ponders for a moment . . . then, shrugs her shoulders and says, 

"Well, you're just gonna be real sad"

She then turned and walked back upstairs. 

Little stinker.

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