Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy's Girls

First thing in the morning, with Sam still asleep, the girls jumped on daddy's back. Good thing he loves them.

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Location:Lakeside Dr,Montgomery,United States


Before we left on our month long wedding extravaganza we tried Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP'ing as the locals call it). It was awesome!

I did better than I thought I would and never fell...Sam fell a few times (shhh :)). I need more practice to work on my steering but that just means more SUP'ing, and more SUP'ing is fine by me!

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Location:Lakeside Dr,Montgomery,United States

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy got a new camera!

This year Mother's Day was amazing!  I got to sleep in!  Hubby made breakfast!  We went out to Brunch (Sammy forgot about brunch and made me breakfast so we got both)!  Nap time!!!!  Family Bike ride!  Sushi for dinner!  Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake for dessert!  I may have to say this was the best Mother's Day yet :)

Now the best part, the gifts...Mommy got a new Camera!


Its beautiful, amazing, high tech, brand new and I have no idea how to use it.  

Seriously.  I took 2 years of photography in high school, and 1 semester in college and I have successfully retained nothing.  I can only assume I never fully understood it in the first place.  

Those pictures I got an A on, Luck.

Those pictures I got a B on, Luck.

Those pictures I got a C on, Luck.

Those pictures I got a D on...probably deserved it.

Those pictures I got an F on, that was completely unfair.  That teacher never liked me.  

I have had my nose in a book trying to refresh my memory on f-stops, ISO, aperture, and what not.  I started to feel comfortable again.  I started thinking, 

"this photography stuff is so easy, maybe I should be a professional.  This job would be so cake, I could chose my own hours!  I could get so much business from the military families!  My neighbor is pregnant, I could shoot her maternity photos!  She would tell her friends how amazing her neighbor is, before I know it I will be referred to as "the belly whisperer"  That's a good idea, maybe I should just trademark it now?  I better start working on my business cards soon, my calendar will be filling up quick! "

After days of reading and feeling comfortable with the terminology and concepts I finally picked up my camera.  I picked up my camera and realized that I have no idea how to transfer my vast new knowledge of f-stops into my real world.  I struggled to remember everything I just learned.  I took photo after photo of blurry over exposed figures with too much noise.  Finally I just turned the camera on the Auto setting and snapped these beauties...

*note: these are all SOOC (straight out of camera), because apparently I flushed the photography knowledge AND the photoshop knowledge immediately after college.

Ali being her adorable self

B feeling the birds

Melt my heart, sisters holding hands!

Hugging in front of the base sign

I may stay here in Auto for a while but at least I can avoid more of this...

**disclaimer: this picture was actually taken by the wonderfully mischievous Beau...of herself...while mommy was in the shower...and Ali was sleeping...and a few cookies may have gone missing during that time, though this face could never be held responsible for such an act