Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Daddy

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Beau-ism

B was going potty (for what seemed like the 5th time today) and sang out,

"I'mmm doo-oone!"

alerting her bum wiping team that it was time for action. Bum Wiper Alpha (me) was busy preping dinner so Rookie Wiper (Aunt Corner) was called in as backup.

Rookie: "Beau you are a pooping machine"
B: "I am NOT a pooping machine! I'm a girl!"

B found NO humor in the disrespectful comment. The Rookie has been punished with 10 future wiping expeditions barring no future mishaps.

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Location:Honolulu, HI

Wook Mommy, a Peacwock!

We had a fantastic trip to the zoo yesterday!

...Well, minus the last 15 minutes when Alex broke down from exhaustion and screamed nonstop "NO, I mad at you" and "I dont wanna see the hippows!" followed instantly by "I wanna see the hippows!".  But let's just forget about that for now and remember the good parts.

Alex made a new friend!

This guy was NOT afraid of us!

She had this beaming smile the whole time he was around

Mommy was more scared of this friendship than they were.  I just knew he was going to turn on her and peck at her little toes... he didnt, even when she touched him... I still didnt relax until he left.

This ostrich had so much personality, and he obviously didnt approve, he glared with one eye and squawked a few times

He sure was pretty

Beau just wanted to be left alone to admire her favorite animal.  She just stared without saying a word until I told her it was time to go.

She loves to pose with these hippos.

Photo time with Aunt Corner :)

The girls absolutely LOVE this zoo.  We have been about 6 times since March and they still get so excited to go.  Beau just loves the giraffes and tries to rush past everything else to get there.  Alex is so slow and in her own world that Beau gets frustrated at her and yells "COME. ON. ALEX. You have to WALK!" throwing her arms stiff at her side and stomping one foot.  

Its always an entertaining adventure.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh and yes, her gorgeous curls are still in tact!!!

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First hair Cut!!!

My beautiful baby girl with her freshly cut locks :)

And my beautiful BIG girl showing off her new do :)

Ahh it feels good to be home!

After being gone for a month it feels SOOO good to be back home.  I missed everything so much.

I missed the smell when you first walk in the door, its a mixture of new home, the beach and a much used kitchen.

I missed my bed , oh how I missed my bed.   The feel of that tempur pedic was calling to me from across the Pacific.  While I was sharing a full bed with a 3 year old AND a 2 year old for several weeks, my bed was patiently waiting to cradle me again.  I think I actually purred when I laid down.

I missed my couch and my DVR.  I cant wait until I have time to actually watch the 12 hours of Real Housewives I have saved.

Of course I missed the smell of the ocean air and the lush greens every where you look.  I missed the warm weather--it was ridiculously cold for June in Southern California and I think I am still defrosting--and the relaxed island vibe.

In the midst of running through my house and kissing all my meaningless material comforts I was jolted back to reality when I opened the fridge and saw...

"well girls, its apples and eggs for dinner.  And a shot of Lemoncello for mommy"

Agh crap!  I did not miss the responsibilities of being the sole food provider.

Oh and this little jewel was hiding in the back behind a very rotten , very fragrant box of strawberries.

Green Parmesean Cheese , Oh God , I just threw up in my mouth a little

Welcome Home Mom.

Monday, June 6, 2011

We all miss you Uncle Bubba!!!

PFC Brendan (aka uncle Bubba) missed out on Tess' wedding because he is serving our country in Afghanistan.  He is currently 4 1/2 months into a 12 month deployment and was sorely missed at the wedding.  We all got to tell him we missed him though.

Melanie and John and Baby miss you

Your wife Courtney (Aunt Corner) misses you

Grandma (GG) and Uncle Wayne miss you

Rev Ron (uncle nonnie) misses you

Uncle Terry and Aunt Kerry miss you

Tess (Tetta) and David (Dabid) miss you

Aunt Shirley and Aunt "Katherine to you" miss you

Sam (the man) and Aunt Kathy (Spend-it) miss you

Aunt Rosie (Posie) and Brit miss you

Uncle Money and, hey she snuck in here twice, miss you

I miss you the mostest

Uncle Mike and Uncle Bob miss you

Monique and the Doctor miss you

Tess and one of the cutest girls ever miss you

Krista and the other cutest girl in the world miss you

Ryan and hey, are they back together?, miss you

Jordan misses you and misses having a worthy wrestling opponent

Sam (the man) and Beaubers miss you

Your cousins all miss you

And last but not least, your parents miss you (and Beau was sneaking in a nap between songs)

We all miss you bud!  Be safe and hurry home!!!

Aunt Tetta is Married!!!

My little sister got married last week!

It was emotional, beautiful and a fabulous time.  

She looked absolutely gorgeous in her Italian lace corset dress that I picked it out :)  The ceremony was short and very sweet with my hilarious uncle Ronnie (uncle nonnie) officiating.  We all got a little teary eyed at parts of the ceremony, especially the walk down the aisle, but it really got me knowing that my brother got to skype in and see the whole thing!  I love technology!

Uncle Bubba skyped all the way from Afghanistan!

I may be a little biased but I think the best part was the 2 beautiful flower girls ;)

Arent they freakin adorable?!

There was good food and because it was at a winery,  good wine...which led to a lot of dancing!

Rev. Ron shows us how its done!

Beau could live on the dance floor.

Rockin out with Pop-pop

I watched my sister start a new phase of her life and it was amazing.  Oh, and so was the covert operation to sabotage the honeymoon suite!  On their wedding night they got to experience saran wrap on the toilet, salt in their water glasses, short sheets, an alarm set for 3:10am, TV volume at 100% and blankets pinned to the sheets.  I am proud to say I think they fell prey to all of them!  You gotta have a tough skin to be in this family--welcome to the family David!