Friday, June 17, 2011

Ahh it feels good to be home!

After being gone for a month it feels SOOO good to be back home.  I missed everything so much.

I missed the smell when you first walk in the door, its a mixture of new home, the beach and a much used kitchen.

I missed my bed , oh how I missed my bed.   The feel of that tempur pedic was calling to me from across the Pacific.  While I was sharing a full bed with a 3 year old AND a 2 year old for several weeks, my bed was patiently waiting to cradle me again.  I think I actually purred when I laid down.

I missed my couch and my DVR.  I cant wait until I have time to actually watch the 12 hours of Real Housewives I have saved.

Of course I missed the smell of the ocean air and the lush greens every where you look.  I missed the warm weather--it was ridiculously cold for June in Southern California and I think I am still defrosting--and the relaxed island vibe.

In the midst of running through my house and kissing all my meaningless material comforts I was jolted back to reality when I opened the fridge and saw...

"well girls, its apples and eggs for dinner.  And a shot of Lemoncello for mommy"

Agh crap!  I did not miss the responsibilities of being the sole food provider.

Oh and this little jewel was hiding in the back behind a very rotten , very fragrant box of strawberries.

Green Parmesean Cheese , Oh God , I just threw up in my mouth a little

Welcome Home Mom.

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