Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wook Mommy, a Peacwock!

We had a fantastic trip to the zoo yesterday!

...Well, minus the last 15 minutes when Alex broke down from exhaustion and screamed nonstop "NO, I mad at you" and "I dont wanna see the hippows!" followed instantly by "I wanna see the hippows!".  But let's just forget about that for now and remember the good parts.

Alex made a new friend!

This guy was NOT afraid of us!

She had this beaming smile the whole time he was around

Mommy was more scared of this friendship than they were.  I just knew he was going to turn on her and peck at her little toes... he didnt, even when she touched him... I still didnt relax until he left.

This ostrich had so much personality, and he obviously didnt approve, he glared with one eye and squawked a few times

He sure was pretty

Beau just wanted to be left alone to admire her favorite animal.  She just stared without saying a word until I told her it was time to go.

She loves to pose with these hippos.

Photo time with Aunt Corner :)

The girls absolutely LOVE this zoo.  We have been about 6 times since March and they still get so excited to go.  Beau just loves the giraffes and tries to rush past everything else to get there.  Alex is so slow and in her own world that Beau gets frustrated at her and yells "COME. ON. ALEX. You have to WALK!" throwing her arms stiff at her side and stomping one foot.  

Its always an entertaining adventure.

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