Monday, June 6, 2011

We all miss you Uncle Bubba!!!

PFC Brendan (aka uncle Bubba) missed out on Tess' wedding because he is serving our country in Afghanistan.  He is currently 4 1/2 months into a 12 month deployment and was sorely missed at the wedding.  We all got to tell him we missed him though.

Melanie and John and Baby miss you

Your wife Courtney (Aunt Corner) misses you

Grandma (GG) and Uncle Wayne miss you

Rev Ron (uncle nonnie) misses you

Uncle Terry and Aunt Kerry miss you

Tess (Tetta) and David (Dabid) miss you

Aunt Shirley and Aunt "Katherine to you" miss you

Sam (the man) and Aunt Kathy (Spend-it) miss you

Aunt Rosie (Posie) and Brit miss you

Uncle Money and, hey she snuck in here twice, miss you

I miss you the mostest

Uncle Mike and Uncle Bob miss you

Monique and the Doctor miss you

Tess and one of the cutest girls ever miss you

Krista and the other cutest girl in the world miss you

Ryan and hey, are they back together?, miss you

Jordan misses you and misses having a worthy wrestling opponent

Sam (the man) and Beaubers miss you

Your cousins all miss you

And last but not least, your parents miss you (and Beau was sneaking in a nap between songs)

We all miss you bud!  Be safe and hurry home!!!

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Monica said...

What a sweet post. It makes me want a fun nickname! Safe returns Brendan!