Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beau-ism of the week

B received some mascara for christmas, its fake but she has no idea.  She was trying to give me some makeup lessons and was instructing how to properly apply mascara.

"Mom, this ascara is for going on your eye hair"

Eye hair?!  After I stopped laughing at her term for eye lashes and gave her a big kiss for being freaking adorable I got a little creeped out by the term "eye hair" (shutter)

But its still cute :)

And so is she!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 25


This 25 day journey was wonderful and I know it will be a tradition for years to come! The girls already miss Gingy and Beau said she thinks The gingerbread house (that's what she calls the advent calendar) needs to have a 26 too :)

I didn't take too many pics of Christmas morning because it was chaos but I did catch a few...

Just before mommy and daddy head upstairs to bed! Can't wait to see the girls faces in the morning!!!

Of course Beau was the first one up. She did wait patiently for permission to trash the house!

Trying out all her new makeup. Most of it was fake but I did cave and get her some glitter powder...but that only lasted a few hours before I couldn't take it anymore and tossed it. Maybe next year baby girl.

Ali showing off her favorite gifts, butterfly wings, high heels and NEW PANTS! She has died and gone to heaven.

Daddy got a new foam disk shooter and used the girls for target practice!

Of course there was the big gift, "a new red race car"! They didnt get to try it out until the evening because the battery needed an initial charge of 18 hours! Can you tell we are new at this electronic gadget thing? Seasoned parents would know to open the box early and charge everything, next year we have so got this!

Video below because if I try to attach it to this post it will delete everything I have just written without notice...don't ask how I know that.

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Day 25

YouTube Video

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 24

Set out cookies for Santa and reindeer food on the lawn!

Holy cow there is a lot of excitement in this house today! Santa is coming and 2 little girls KNOW IT!

It's the last night to hide Gingy, and as big a help as he is for discipline I won't be sad to see the little bugger go! I have completely run out of hiding places!

Time to begin the Christmas Eve Festivities :)

We made the cookies for Santa! (love the tongue sticking out!)

We scattered the reindeer food! (in our new Christmas Eve pjs)

We put out the milk and cookies for Santa!

Now if only we could get 2 very excited little girls to go to bed...

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Day 23

Build a snowma- err a SANDMAN!

No snow here (mom does a happy dance) so off we go the beach to build a SANDman :)


The girls loved "helping"

I love my family :)

Beau's sand angel!

We found some time to enjoy the low tide/no waves to get some swimming lessons in.

Mele Kalikimaka from our family to yours :)

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Day 22

Make Reindeer Food!

I had heard about people sprinkling oats on the lawn for years and really wanted to try it. I'm sure there are some elaborate recipes out there but that just seems silly. We just threw a spoonful of oats in a bowl for each reindeer and added some "magic sprinkles" aka colored sugar sprinkles, and stirred to activate the magic :)

"1for Rudolph too!"

"magic is pink?!"
"of course it is!"

Stirring the magic in :)

"They eat the magic?!"

"they gonna eat it like this, chomp chomp chomp!"

I think this is far better than just leaving out carrots :)

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Day 21

Bring some Christmas Cheer to Daddy's Office!

I am running out of ideas people! I thought bringing daddy lunch didn't sound festive enough so we brought lunch and treats, and the girls bring their own special cheer wherever they go.

They loved seeing all the planes (which we can see from our house everyday anyway), but they just love daddy so much that that was gift enough!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 20

Decorate a Gingerbread House!

It was actually a rice crust treat house because, well, gingerbread is gross and rice crispy treats are delicious.

The looks on the girls faces made every second of this a blast!

Of course daddy and mommy had fun helping too ;)

The final product fell down in 5 minutes but it was certainly memorable!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 19

Go to the Movies!

Daddy had a half day so we took advantage of the fact the theaters would be empty and went to see Arthur Christmas. As soon as nap time was over both girls came running down the stairs

"It's time to go to the movies and eat popcorn and eat candy and eat hotdogs and some soda and see a movie!" (try and read this like a 4 year old would say it. Get as excited as you can and then get more excited. Yell as loud as you can and then yell a little louder. And speak without the use of commas or periods, almost like it was all one big word. Then you will get some idea of how that sounded)

Alex sat in daddy's lap the whole time and bounced to the music. Beau hardly took her eyes off the screen. Except to jump up, throw her arm in the air and yell "yes" when the sleigh gets into outer space. No joke, she cheered at the climax of the movie! I love her :)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 18

Deliver Christmas Treats To Friends!

We got our toffee made and the girls were so excited to pass it out to the neighbors!

I tried to convince the girls not to knock on the door or ring the bells (since so many of our neighbors have babies and dogs, not a good combo with strangers at the door) but they were racing ahead of me and managed to knock on every door before I could stop them.

Mom: "dont ring the door be- aww geez! Just leave it on the door and say Merry Christmas"

Beau: (screaming) "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Dogs bark, babies cry

Alex: "Mewwy Chwissmass"

Door opens, Alex runs away and hides, Beau tries to run inside the house, Mom apologizes and runs.

But they sure are cute!

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Day 17

"Ummm, there's nothing in door 17 mommy. And Gingy is still sitting on the tree. He didn't go see Santa?"

"yeah, uhh, Gingy told me before I went to bed that you girls were so good yesterday that he didnt even need to tell Santa, he could stay here with you for another day! And he has been keeping you so busy that you deserve a day off to rest!"

"Well, yeah, he just needs to stay here and watch us being more good to tell Santa I am being super good!"

"Yes! It isnt that he had a bit too much to drink at a Christmas party last night and just forgot to put a note in the calendar!"

Gosh I'm a good mom.

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Day 16

Make Christmas Cookies!

I wrote this note and put it in the advent calendar without considering what our next few days would be like. That weekend was BUSY!

So I guess what I'm saying is, no cookies :( Good thing the girls forgot about it! But we did take them out for pancakes, we can just call them Christmas-cakes.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 15

Ride a Trolley to See Christmas Lights!

We took a tour of the christmas lights downtown Honolulu, but that wasn't the best part for the girls...we rode in an old school trolley to get there.

They are street versions replicas of the San Francisco cable cars

The Girls LOVED IT! Beau wanted to stick her head out the windows the whole time like a dog! And there weren't any seat-belts so you can imagine why I didn't get any pictures enroute. I did snap some cute ones at the lights :)

Alex giving the shoka sign to Santa!

The girls posing with a tanned Santa and Mrs Claus during their holoholo (vacation)

The girls in awe at the giant tree :)

Mele Kalikimaka from the Ensmingers!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14

Go To A Christmas Party!

This was super easy for me! Beaus school was having a performance and a party immediately after to celebrate the last day of school before Christmas break. Well the celebration was probably for Christmas but I know the teachers were celebrating the last day of school!

They made reindeer!

Decorated edible Christmas trees! And were very excited about it too :)

And frosted cookies!

They also exchanged gifts and ate a ton of food! Score for mommy, free lunch and free entertainment!

The performance was really cute but the kids were all so shy and quiet that you cant hear anything on the video. I will post it but don't say I didn't warn you.

B is the one in the yellow shirt and blue skirt.  They are doing The Reindeer Pokey (its the hokey pokey but with reindeer anatomy :)) B had been singing this for 2 weeks so Ali knew all the words too

The girls both zonked out as soon as we got home so the combination of partying/sugar crash worked out for me :)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Video as promised

Ignore my man voice, I had a chest cold!

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Day 13

Buy a Present for Someone!

Time to get in the spirit of giving!  We made a trip to the store for them both to pick out a gift for another kid.  It was very important that they didnt get anything for themselves on this trip and they did great!  I think they had more fun hanging out in the toy aisle than anything else (since they had to test everything before deciding)

Beau picked out a Book :)  "Oh Say Can You Say" by Dr. Seuss!  This really surprised me.  I thought for sure she would pick out a bike or something insane and I would be telling her no for 2 hours.

Alex picked out a doll that giggles :)  But it was on sale so I was stoked, until trying to get it to the car and realizing it had a motion sensor and it giggled the whole way to the car and over every bump home.

No pictures of this, trying to control 2 kids in the toy aisle was all my two hands could handle :)

I'll post a cute video for you though!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12

Write a Letter to Santa!

This was far more entertaining than I thought it would be.  I pictured the girls naming off a few cute things like, a doll, or a new dress, and writing a few pictures or words on paper and we would send it off to the north pole...I ended up with the craziest list ever and they didnt want to mail it!  (I'm still going to try to convince them to mail it.)

Beau's List:
Christmas Toothbrush
New Clock That She Can Read Better "because this clock has a little hand and a big hand and its just a little bit easier for me with just numbers, like I can say 4 and 2 and 7."
Elevator Coffee (WTH is elevator coffee you may be asking, we have NO idea)
Mommy To Just Drive Faster Like Daddy
A Red Race Car So She Can Go Faster To See Her Friends "and it has 3 keys!" (I MAY have given her this idea since that MAY be what she's getting :))
Some New Movies

Alex's List:
A Super New Car ( as opposed to just a new car, it has to be super new )
A PackPack 

Daddy's List:
New Drivers
A Rescue Hybrid (some golf thing)
52 degree Lob Wedge (some other golf thing)
A Grid Foam Roller (some crossfit thing)
A Flying Dragon-Silver (because flying planes for a living isnt enough) Beau immediately wanted to add this to her list but Daddy explained that we dont have room for 2 dragons...yes because SPACE is the reason she wont be getting one for christmas)
A New Goalie Jersey (Alex now wants a Goat Jerfey too)

They may all be a little crazy but at least my family is fun!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11

Eat Christmas Popcorn and Watch a Christmas Movie!

The girls LOVE popcorn and I just wanted to sit down and relax after the previous days 2 parties we attended.  Daddy had a soccer game that morning, so being a good wife and daughters we cheered loudly from our blanket on the grass.  BTW, he won the game so now we are on to the finals!!!  After a full day at the park the evening was all about pjs and a movie.

I popped some popcorn in my beloved whirly pop (no microwave popcorn in this house!) and made it special by adding red and green M&M's.  I have to say it was fantastic!  The light butter, light salt and warm chocolate M&M's was just the after dinner treat we needed :)

We cuddled up on the couch with our 4 bowls and watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town!  Daddy's favorite :)

And the fabulous day ended in this...

O.M.G. I love them!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10

Sit On Santa's Lap!

I am going to have to come back to this post since blogger isnt letting me access the photos in iPhoto!

To be continued....

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 9

Make and EAT Snowman Pops!

We have made these before and what's not to love about them? Adorable, easy, delicious, what more could I ask for in a craft!

All you need is 3 marshmallows, Oreos, pull and peel twizzlers and mini chocolate chips. Oh and some willing helpers to clean up the mess :)

They might be the cutest kids ever!!!

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