Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 18

Deliver Christmas Treats To Friends!

We got our toffee made and the girls were so excited to pass it out to the neighbors!

I tried to convince the girls not to knock on the door or ring the bells (since so many of our neighbors have babies and dogs, not a good combo with strangers at the door) but they were racing ahead of me and managed to knock on every door before I could stop them.

Mom: "dont ring the door be- aww geez! Just leave it on the door and say Merry Christmas"

Beau: (screaming) "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Dogs bark, babies cry

Alex: "Mewwy Chwissmass"

Door opens, Alex runs away and hides, Beau tries to run inside the house, Mom apologizes and runs.

But they sure are cute!

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