Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 25


This 25 day journey was wonderful and I know it will be a tradition for years to come! The girls already miss Gingy and Beau said she thinks The gingerbread house (that's what she calls the advent calendar) needs to have a 26 too :)

I didn't take too many pics of Christmas morning because it was chaos but I did catch a few...

Just before mommy and daddy head upstairs to bed! Can't wait to see the girls faces in the morning!!!

Of course Beau was the first one up. She did wait patiently for permission to trash the house!

Trying out all her new makeup. Most of it was fake but I did cave and get her some glitter powder...but that only lasted a few hours before I couldn't take it anymore and tossed it. Maybe next year baby girl.

Ali showing off her favorite gifts, butterfly wings, high heels and NEW PANTS! She has died and gone to heaven.

Daddy got a new foam disk shooter and used the girls for target practice!

Of course there was the big gift, "a new red race car"! They didnt get to try it out until the evening because the battery needed an initial charge of 18 hours! Can you tell we are new at this electronic gadget thing? Seasoned parents would know to open the box early and charge everything, next year we have so got this!

Video below because if I try to attach it to this post it will delete everything I have just written without notice...don't ask how I know that.

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