Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 15

Ride a Trolley to See Christmas Lights!

We took a tour of the christmas lights downtown Honolulu, but that wasn't the best part for the girls...we rode in an old school trolley to get there.

They are street versions replicas of the San Francisco cable cars

The Girls LOVED IT! Beau wanted to stick her head out the windows the whole time like a dog! And there weren't any seat-belts so you can imagine why I didn't get any pictures enroute. I did snap some cute ones at the lights :)

Alex giving the shoka sign to Santa!

The girls posing with a tanned Santa and Mrs Claus during their holoholo (vacation)

The girls in awe at the giant tree :)

Mele Kalikimaka from the Ensmingers!

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