Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 13

Buy a Present for Someone!

Time to get in the spirit of giving!  We made a trip to the store for them both to pick out a gift for another kid.  It was very important that they didnt get anything for themselves on this trip and they did great!  I think they had more fun hanging out in the toy aisle than anything else (since they had to test everything before deciding)

Beau picked out a Book :)  "Oh Say Can You Say" by Dr. Seuss!  This really surprised me.  I thought for sure she would pick out a bike or something insane and I would be telling her no for 2 hours.

Alex picked out a doll that giggles :)  But it was on sale so I was stoked, until trying to get it to the car and realizing it had a motion sensor and it giggled the whole way to the car and over every bump home.

No pictures of this, trying to control 2 kids in the toy aisle was all my two hands could handle :)

I'll post a cute video for you though!

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