Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12

Write a Letter to Santa!

This was far more entertaining than I thought it would be.  I pictured the girls naming off a few cute things like, a doll, or a new dress, and writing a few pictures or words on paper and we would send it off to the north pole...I ended up with the craziest list ever and they didnt want to mail it!  (I'm still going to try to convince them to mail it.)

Beau's List:
Christmas Toothbrush
New Clock That She Can Read Better "because this clock has a little hand and a big hand and its just a little bit easier for me with just numbers, like I can say 4 and 2 and 7."
Elevator Coffee (WTH is elevator coffee you may be asking, we have NO idea)
Mommy To Just Drive Faster Like Daddy
A Red Race Car So She Can Go Faster To See Her Friends "and it has 3 keys!" (I MAY have given her this idea since that MAY be what she's getting :))
Some New Movies

Alex's List:
A Super New Car ( as opposed to just a new car, it has to be super new )
A PackPack 

Daddy's List:
New Drivers
A Rescue Hybrid (some golf thing)
52 degree Lob Wedge (some other golf thing)
A Grid Foam Roller (some crossfit thing)
A Flying Dragon-Silver (because flying planes for a living isnt enough) Beau immediately wanted to add this to her list but Daddy explained that we dont have room for 2 dragons...yes because SPACE is the reason she wont be getting one for christmas)
A New Goalie Jersey (Alex now wants a Goat Jerfey too)

They may all be a little crazy but at least my family is fun!

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