Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Hold still, I just want one Easter photo of you girls in your beautiful dresses, Please!"

All I wanted was just 1 little ole pic of my beautiful girls in their beautiful easter dresses BEFORE we headed to brunch and they covered them in juices and crumbs.  What I got instead was 2 girls who will hold still for .5 seconds before turning, tumbling, running, lifting their dresses above their heads, sitting down or crying.  I wont show you any of the first pics because they are awful and if I post them I will have to relive those terrible first few minutes.  So we stopped, wiped the snotty noses, gave kisses and proceeded with cautious determination.

"OK daddy, why dont we try you with them and see if you can calm them down"

"OK, maybe this time calm and looking at the camera"

"Great!  Ok daddy out... stay where you are girls...No, dont move I'm not done ye...."

"This time Beau put your dress down, and stop hiding behind your sister"

"No try standing NEXT to her!  Ali Stand up straight.  Why are you both turning around...fine I will try it from this side"

"Now you smile when I cant see your face?!  Aww forget it, there's always next year"

Happy Eater 2011 from The Ensminger's

Easter on the Beach

Easter this year was our first ever on the beach.  It was amazing, but then I think just about anything can be made better if moved to a nice beach location.  Our little beach on base is so wonderful because it is so close to home, has covered picnic tables, nice sand, no waves for the kiddos, close to home, close to home, and its even close to home.  (its 1 mile if you walk but the cars have to take a 4 mile drive)

It was so fun to Hawaii-up this holiday.  The Easter bunny came in on a kayak...

We all reminded the kids that he was wearing a life jacket for safety :)

There was amazing pupu's (that is hawaiian for appetizer.  Pronounced poo-poo.  Its unfortunate I know, and I still chuckle everytime someone says "did you bring a pupu to share?") and fresh pineapple a plenty!!!

The eggs were hidden all over the grass and in the palm trees

I think I like Hawaii Easter!  Plus I will always like a holiday variation that allows me to wear a mumu.

Of course some things didnt change.  Beau was brave enough to pose with the bunny

but Ali was not :(

This meant a kayak ride with the furry guy was out since Ali didnt want to get anywhere near him and I didnt trust Beau to not tip the boat when they were out there.   For sure next year!

I did get a nice family photo of us, the first one since we arrived.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My baby turned 2!

I cant believe my beautiful baby girl is 2. 

I try not to say that too many times because it just sounds wrong. How can my BABY be 2?!  She just started walking yesterday...well, not really...but it feels like it. How can those kicks I felt in my belly that I still remember so well have happened over 2 years ago?  How can that tiny little angel they pulled from my belly be this beautiful toddler that rules my house?  Was it not just a few minutes ago she said Mommy for the first time? 

I have to stop myself right there.  

If I continue down memory lane like this it wont be pretty.  I don't think I have it in me right now to be all sentimental and talk about how adorable she looked all swaddled up when they handed her to me the first time, or how sweet and quiet she was as a baby. I might just cry all night if I let myself go there. 

And I certainly would cry if I thought about how she used to love to reach up and touch my face when I would feed her as a baby. Just gently reach her hand up and touch my face, just stare at me and touch my cheek. *sniff

I cant talk about how determined she was to crawl and follow her big sister and how I can STILL remember exactly what her expression was when she took her first steps.  

I cant even think about how she still wakes up and the first word out of her mouth is Mommy.  

How at bed time she needs at least 2 kisses and a big hug.  A hug that is both hilarious and sweet.  Hilarious that her arms barely cross to the sides of my arms and though she exerts no force in her squeeze she always groans as though she is squeezing with all her might.  Sweet in that she lightly pats my arms every time, as though telling ME "its ok, I'll see you in the morning". *sniff, sniff

No I cant think about that.

If I did it would remind me how it melts my heart when she and her sister fight.   Because they always make up with a hug and a kiss, even if they are both crying, they stop, hug, kiss and say "I love you".

And that would remind me how wholly she loves her family, especially her daddy.  How she runs her tiny little body as fast as it will go when he comes home every night.  How entertaining it is that even though she is ecstatic to see daddy, she still takes a hard turn before she gets to his open arms and runs in the opposite direction hoping he will chase her.

That would just remind me of her distinct little run.  How it resembles a toddler version of skipping and the carefree stride of pure joy only a child can portray. 

And how her precious blond curls bounce when she moves.  Curls that were only before seen on cherubs.

I just cant go there now. *sniff

If I did it would be awful.  I would just sit here crying by myself.  


I would need to excuse myself and grab a box of kleenex before I sneak into my sleeping daughters room and steal another kiss for the night.

Excuse me, I'll be right back....

I was going to post pictures of her birthday party but it seems this post took a eerie turn into mommy meltdown/early midlife crisis/postpardom depression(???) zone.  I'll pull myself together and post those another time.  I better not post any pictures or it will surely finish me off.

Many of you may be asking what we do all day. Well we are extremely fortunate to have this wonderful playground right behind our house. So, yeah, this is what we do all day.

I sit on our patio and read while the girls play outside for HOURS. I think I like it here :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

When daddy leaves :(

We said goodbye to daddy today for the first time in a LONG time. It was no fun! The girls are starting to figure out what "daddy won't be home for a few days" means and they have been especially cuddly with me since he drove away.

It brought a tear to my eye seeing them staring out the window blowing kisses to him and staring until his car was out of sight. I have such sweet little girls! And boy do they love their daddy!

Luckily this is a short 4 day trip, and will hopefully help them get used to the idea of longer trips. I just hope we don't have to get used to those anytime soon.

Now it's my turn to make this week feel normal. Let's start by cuddling up with a movie.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our little adventure around the island

Before sam could get too busy with work we took a family day to travel around the island. I had put plenty to do on our itinerary so we got started early.

Look how excited they are for mandatory family fun.

The first stop was to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. It was great. The girls has a blast running through all the trails, watching the train (that mommy decided was a waste of money to buy tickets for since they got such a kick out of just watching).

Feeding the huge coy,

and trying desperately to not touch the "sharp" pineapple.

(Even though they were adorable and about the size of the palm of your hand or smaller.)

I even got them to hold still long enough to pose for a few pics.

(that dang second toe, it never does what you want!)

Next we made our way around the north shore and weighed in on the epic Shrimp Truck Battles. Our favorite? Macks! (Which is great because its closer :)) I didnt get a picture of the awesome painted truck or the shrimp because I was too busy wiping the drool from my lip but I will be sure to catch a pic next time, and I KNOW there will be a next time!

Check out this gorgeous view of the mountain.

And the shore.

I was told shortly after this pic to put the camera down and pay attention to my children so that was all I captured for a while.

I did manage to sneak this pic of B and daddy playing soccer with a coconut on the beach, shhh.

And this one of my little monkey drawing in the sand.

I love mandatory family fun day!