Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our little adventure around the island

Before sam could get too busy with work we took a family day to travel around the island. I had put plenty to do on our itinerary so we got started early.

Look how excited they are for mandatory family fun.

The first stop was to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. It was great. The girls has a blast running through all the trails, watching the train (that mommy decided was a waste of money to buy tickets for since they got such a kick out of just watching).

Feeding the huge coy,

and trying desperately to not touch the "sharp" pineapple.

(Even though they were adorable and about the size of the palm of your hand or smaller.)

I even got them to hold still long enough to pose for a few pics.

(that dang second toe, it never does what you want!)

Next we made our way around the north shore and weighed in on the epic Shrimp Truck Battles. Our favorite? Macks! (Which is great because its closer :)) I didnt get a picture of the awesome painted truck or the shrimp because I was too busy wiping the drool from my lip but I will be sure to catch a pic next time, and I KNOW there will be a next time!

Check out this gorgeous view of the mountain.

And the shore.

I was told shortly after this pic to put the camera down and pay attention to my children so that was all I captured for a while.

I did manage to sneak this pic of B and daddy playing soccer with a coconut on the beach, shhh.

And this one of my little monkey drawing in the sand.

I love mandatory family fun day!

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Emma said...

I love it! Looks like an amazingly, wonderful way to spend the day- with family! Thanks for sharing