Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Hold still, I just want one Easter photo of you girls in your beautiful dresses, Please!"

All I wanted was just 1 little ole pic of my beautiful girls in their beautiful easter dresses BEFORE we headed to brunch and they covered them in juices and crumbs.  What I got instead was 2 girls who will hold still for .5 seconds before turning, tumbling, running, lifting their dresses above their heads, sitting down or crying.  I wont show you any of the first pics because they are awful and if I post them I will have to relive those terrible first few minutes.  So we stopped, wiped the snotty noses, gave kisses and proceeded with cautious determination.

"OK daddy, why dont we try you with them and see if you can calm them down"

"OK, maybe this time calm and looking at the camera"

"Great!  Ok daddy out... stay where you are girls...No, dont move I'm not done ye...."

"This time Beau put your dress down, and stop hiding behind your sister"

"No try standing NEXT to her!  Ali Stand up straight.  Why are you both turning around...fine I will try it from this side"

"Now you smile when I cant see your face?!  Aww forget it, there's always next year"

Happy Eater 2011 from The Ensminger's

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