Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter on the Beach

Easter this year was our first ever on the beach.  It was amazing, but then I think just about anything can be made better if moved to a nice beach location.  Our little beach on base is so wonderful because it is so close to home, has covered picnic tables, nice sand, no waves for the kiddos, close to home, close to home, and its even close to home.  (its 1 mile if you walk but the cars have to take a 4 mile drive)

It was so fun to Hawaii-up this holiday.  The Easter bunny came in on a kayak...

We all reminded the kids that he was wearing a life jacket for safety :)

There was amazing pupu's (that is hawaiian for appetizer.  Pronounced poo-poo.  Its unfortunate I know, and I still chuckle everytime someone says "did you bring a pupu to share?") and fresh pineapple a plenty!!!

The eggs were hidden all over the grass and in the palm trees

I think I like Hawaii Easter!  Plus I will always like a holiday variation that allows me to wear a mumu.

Of course some things didnt change.  Beau was brave enough to pose with the bunny

but Ali was not :(

This meant a kayak ride with the furry guy was out since Ali didnt want to get anywhere near him and I didnt trust Beau to not tip the boat when they were out there.   For sure next year!

I did get a nice family photo of us, the first one since we arrived.

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