Monday, July 25, 2011

Swim Lessons

Beau just finished swim lessons.  These were her first set without me being in the water with her.  The first day it wasn't looking so good.   All the other kids in her class were so much more confident in the water and my little munchkins was like a sucker fish, stuck to the wall or the instructor.

She was so tense her shoulders didnt even get wet the first day.  But she still kept that big smile.

Ali was a trooper, she just sat there feeding the birds her snack and waited for the lessons to end.  How cute is this kid?

After the end of the 2 weeks she was a completely different kid in the water.  She went from too afraid to put her face in the water, to diving in to see how long she can hold her breath.  I was so impressed.

Here she is floating, the first day she never relaxed enough to float and here she was putting her head all the way back and floating.

At the end of the first week they let them go down the slide and caught them at the bottom.  Beau was too afraid to even go down.  One week later she was begging to go down the slide and had NO FEAR.  

Of course she still needs to work on some things, like keeping her head above water.

And that is how Beau tried to drown herself.

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