Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Booth

While I was in Cali without my hubby I went to my fabulous friend Karly's wedding.  It was a fantastic event and one of the best parts was the photo booth.  If this had been around during my wedding I would have moved the earth to have it there.  It is so fun for everyone.

If you haven't seen these at a wedding yet its a fantastic idea.  Its a photo booth like, I'm sure many of us used at a mall or two when we were younger, except it doubles as the guest book.  There are tons of fun hats and costumes to wear and many people make several trips... I may have gone 3 times myself.

Here are some memorable pics from the night.

Heres MOST of the bridesmaids and the bride
No I don't know what that is on my head.

This was my absolute favorite!  Here we are, the Trash of '98
I wont explain, just to say that at our 10 year reunion we may not have been the best representation of the Class of '98.

and yes I know that I'm wearing 2001 glasses, they didn't have 1998 OK!

 This is Me and a picture of Sam on my cell phone since he couldn't be there :(
Yes, that's me in a pink cowboy hat and a mini sombrero on "Sam".

I Sam he should put this up in his office...not sure why but he keeps "accidentally" leaving them at home.

Fabulous wedding Karly!!!  Congrats again!!!

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Monica said...

Oh, I love it! We are suckers for photo booths! We actually looked into one for our wedding party, but they costed an arm & a leg. What fun. And I love Sam's mini sombrero. Why on earth would he not want those hanging up at work?!