Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beau-ism of the week

Putting the girls to bed is never an easy task.  Some nights it takes a few minutes, others it takes about 20, but it never happens without one of them at least pouting about it.  Tonight was no different.

Beau was having a particularly bad day.  She received her 4 year shots in the morning (4 of them!), didn't take a nap so I could cuddle her while she regaled me with every horrifying detail of the experience (even though I was there the whole time), then her big toe nail lost a battle to the vacuum (resulting in a blood gushing few moments).  Like I said, she was having a particularly bad day.

When bed time came she made sure that everyone knew she was NOT happy about it.  After a few minutes of crying and whining I had had enough and told her simply "you have to go to bed because I am your mommy and I said its bed time.  I don't want to hear another word from you about it."

Well, she is a 4 year old so of course she cant just stop there.

She wiped her tears off her cheek, sat tall and said,

"Mom, you better stop talkin to me like that.  Some day I will gonna be bigger than you and you will cry"

Then she laid down with her back to me.

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Monica said...

Aww :( she's right! I will definitely cry when my girls are bigger than me. What a crap day!