Thursday, July 14, 2011

31 is the new 21!

Well, somehow my 20's ended.  And unbeknownst to me, it ended over a year ago.  I'm pretty sure I knew that I was 30 but somehow it never really felt like it.

If someone asked me how old I was, I would a little light math.....ask what year this is...........pause............silently question the validity of the persons answer of what year it is.....pause.....................realize the person is actually right........wonder how the hell it can actually be 2011...question if possibly my birth certificate has been wrong all these years, why did my parent lie to me my whole life?.......realize I have taken waaaayyyy to long to answer a simple question.....wonder if maybe I am losing my mind.............realize THAT couldnt possibly be the problem, I am sharp as a tac!....and reply "I'm 30" with a smile.

But now I am 31!

I am 31 and married!

I am 31 and married for almost 8 years!

I am 31, married with 2 kids, 2 ROTH IRA's, 4 life insurance policies, 2 college funds, 1 car payment, a college degree, 2 savings accounts, 1 credit card, 1 kid in swim lessons, 1 kid in gymnastics, and a husband who flies planes that get shot at for a living. ?!?!?! (that last one may be a bit dramatic)


WTH happened?  I swear I was just graduating from Cal State Northridge and moving to Oklahoma to live with my fiancee.  Didn't we just move to England and travel all over Europe?  Didn't I just get pregnant and have my oldest little girl?  Wasn't I just breastfeeding my youngest little girl?  Time really does FLY.

Why didnt my parents ever tell me to enjoy my childhood because being an adult is exhausting? (I know, Mom, you did.  But why didn't you tell me to really pay attention this time.  You know I tune you out sometimes.)

Well enough of that psychotic ranting.  My 31st birthday was fantastic!  Sam was still in Alaska but before he left he made sure I would feel special on my birthday :)

I came home to...
A full tub of Red Vines Licorice, my FAV.
A certificate for a 1 hour Swedish Massage.
A certificate for a chiropractic adjustment.
Roses delivered.
And a GORGEOUS COACH PURSE that I had been drooling over forever!  I will post a pic but its in my phone so its faster to post from there.  I would take a new pic but now its full and I'm a little lazy.

So there it is.  I'm 31, married to an amazing man, have 2 beautiful little girls, a car I love, a purse I cant stop looking at, I live in Hawaii, an amazing family, and amazing in-laws, and a rock solid marriage.  I wouldn't change a thing.

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