Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to play catch up :/

Ok, Ok.  I know it has been almost a month since my last post but sooo much has happened and I just haven't had the time to post.

Well, maybe not sooo much has happened.  But a lot.

And maybe its not so much that I haven't had time as much as I have just been putting it off.  Of course the longer I avoid updating, the longer my to-do list gets and the more I don't want to sit down and post.  Its a vicious cycle.  It makes me hate this blog.  But then after a few weeks away I miss my blog and I start to love it again...then I realize how much I have to type and I am right back at hating it again.  Like I said, vicious cycle.

Anyway, since June 20th the following has happened...
My 31st Birthday!
Daddy came home from Alaska!
My Beautiful Beau turned 4!?!
My Beautiful Beau had a fabulous Rootin Tootin Birthday Party!
4th of July!
Beau started swim lessons!
Daddy left for a few days again :(
Mommy had a few ladies nights out, woohoo!
Mommy signed up to be a consultant for Thirty-one!!! (and I'm 31!  that's a pretty fabulous coincidence :))

Sooo my posting list is a bit long.  But it will only get longer if I don't get to it, Beau is starting gymnastics next week and we have DR's appointments like crazy.  Lots more happening!

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