Friday, May 7, 2010

I am on a mission

to find the perfect recipes of a few staples. There are things that I make often and have tried too many variations to count for said recipes. I am tired of trying and trying and being disappointed... so I am on a mission.

I guess I figure if I set out on a mission than making the same meal 13 times in one month doesnt seem so crazy.

Well, maybe it still does.

But I don't care because I am on a mission.

This mission includes combining several recipes through trial and error until I find the perfect mixture to please my palate. Since mine is the one that matters since I am doing all the work.

Ok, the recipes I want to perfect are...

*Cookies, good ol choclate chip


*Chicken Fried Rice


*Granola Bars



*Fish and or Shrimp Soup




*Salsa. Oh yeah, I can check that off the list already :)

*Chicken Curry/Tikka Masala/Kurma

*Lasagna or Macaroni Bake


*Bolognase Sauce

and I'm sure the list will continue to grow.

I plan on posting my progress but please forgive the pictures, I am FAR from a professional. And since I just lost out on Pioneer Womans Camera Giveaway I am still working will a little point and shoot. Sigh, some day I will own a DSLR! But these recipes cant wait until then, I will have to push on with out it :)

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