Sunday, May 2, 2010

A fantastic Weekend

Ahh, spring is here and I am LOVING it!!! The weather this weekend was fantastic and we tried to make the most of it. On Saturday morning we were up and out of the house by 8 ( since my lovely girls do not sleep in ) and off to the farmers market. Last weekend I tried to make a trip with just me and B and found the market completely empty. Low and behold the opening weekend was THIS weekend. So I had grand ideas for the opening ceremony.

The market was a little less than I expected.

Actually it was a lot less that I expected.

There was maybe 6 vendors and of those only 2 had any food to sell. The rest had crafty things that simply are not my cup of tea and a few only had ads for what they would bring next weekend!

What!? Next Weekend?! Why was the market even open this week then?

Anyway, I did find a lovely bag of mixed greens for a yummy salad and some oh so yummy cheese. One is a tomato basil white cheddar and the other is called a "cowboy" cheddar... uh, YUM! Actually it a blend of about 12 different spices but it looks delicious so we are pretty excited about that. Especially B, she kept saying "i wanna cowboy cheese peease".

There was a parade going on downtown right by the market so were were all set to show the girls their first parade.

Didn't work out too well. We had a great spot right on the curb where we would be able to see the bands long before they got to us. It was a great spot until a local family came and sat next to us. There was nothing wrong with them in particular, except they were very overweight, thus taking up a lot of space that wasn't available and pushing us over into the people next to us. And they had 2 yappy little dogs (named "sassy" and "precious", *gag* ) that I was terrified were going to bite one or both of my angels. Oh and they had a box full of donuts, and of course any 3 year old sees donuts and immediately wants one. Not good for the parents who don't want said 3 year old to eat that kind of food, except on very rare occasions. So I guess there was a lot wrong with them. So we left before the parade even had a chance to start. Boo.

After that I dropped Wing Man and A off at home for nap time while I took my biggest angel to go shopping. (cue angels singing) Yes, shopping. Not on a time limit, just walking and randomly picking items to spend WM's money on. We had a great time and B was WONDERFUL, way better than I could have ever expected. My girl is growing up and I couldn't be happier about it :)

We lunched together and WM went to a Kentucky Derby party. He had a great time while I played with the munchkins. After he got home I went to a scrapbook party where I attempted to be creative, unsuccessfully.

Sunday was great with a trip to the park, commissary, yard work, blogging, and while WM rode his bike to the gym I took both girls to get Daddy's Father's Day present going. It is a super cute idea that I will share after FD so I don't kill the surprise. Let's just say it will have to be a yearly tradition around here from now on!

Ahh, I love family weekends don't you :)

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