Monday, May 10, 2010

Why I Love Mother's Day

Ok, there really are too many things to list here, but being a mom to my 2 beautiful daughters is reason #1!

B is almost 3 and makes life more enjoyable everyday. Or depending on proximity to nap and or food time she can make life more hectic/exhausting/frustrating, etc. But lets go with enjoyable for now.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it has surpassed any other day for me. The kisses, hugs, doting, cooking, gifts and general praise that my family gives me make my birthday and (sorry hubby) even my anniversary pale in comparison. Yesterday didn't disappoint.

My darling husband was have a secret conversation with my oldest angel at the breakfast table while I was grabbing yet another helping of the delicious breakfast that I didn't have to make. It was a very hushed conversation, and I knew it had to be something along the lines of "Tell Mommy Happy Mother's day". But the whispers were going on for quite a while and I knew it wasn't going well. After another few moments of whispers and my husbands giggles I couldn't play dumb any longer. I walked back to the table and heard the sweetest little voice whisper..

I'm realizing that I could fill a whole blog of all the crazy things my kids say! That's not what she said, I'm just realizing that and it would be great. Well, for me anyway! back to my angel, here is how it went down.

Mommy gets up from the table to grab seconds or thirds... or fourths of her Mother's Day Breakfast. Daddy leans over and whispers to B

Daddy: Tell your mom 'Happy Mother's Day'
B: (whispering) Tella oo mom Happy Other's Day
Daddy: (chuckles but still whispering) No, say it louder
B: (still whispering) Say it Wouder
Daddy: (chuckles again and whispers) Tell your mommy Happy Mother's Day but say it loud
B: (whispering) ghosjtodhfjwka uthejafduithjk - translation: ?????
Daddy: (whispering) What? Just say 'Happy Mother's Day', go tell your mom.

B looks right at me and whispers,

B: 'Happy Birthday Mom'

Daddy has a laughing fit. I might just need to have another one of these creatures in my life!

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