Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cookie Mission: Update

This last batch was horrible!

Well as horrible as chocolate chip cookies can be.

They were flat, too soft and I tried pecans instead of almonds.

Note: Pecans lack any real flavor when mixed with yummy chocolate and granola. Almonds are a must.

The real reason for this bad batch is the granola, I am convinced. The commissary is the only place in town that sold my favorite brand of granola. So on Sunday when I ran to get my cookie supplies I found they had ran out. Only worse, they weren't just out, they had shuffled new items in its place...

*gasp* they have discontinued my favorite granola!!!

What am I going to do? Don't they know I am on the verge of a cookie breakthrough?! What are they trying to do to me?

I decided that it would be fine so I bought another brand ( and it was a different flavor too since apparently Cascadian Farms is the only one who can sell perfect granola ). It wasn't fine. This was the worst cookie so far.

But on the bright side I did learn a few things...

1. no pecans
2. always almonds
3. a tsp of instant coffee is sounding like a good idea
4. flax seed is another great addition, no flavor added only health :)

I am well on my way, hang in there with me folks and I will have the recipe soon

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