Thursday, May 20, 2010

A moment I don't ever want to forget.

After morning snack my girls are usually quite hyper. Something having to do with a full belly I am guessing, but what ever the cause it is like clock work. As soon as they walk away from the table they are running after each other and laughing. It usually goes something along the lines of this...

B runs away with A trotting quickly behind her as fast as those little legs will allow. I stay in the kitchen to clean the mess for a few minutes. Screams or mischievous laughter or both drag me out to find one of several options.

1. The DVD tower will be completely emptied from its previously alphabetized state.
2. They will be emptying the toy box for no reason other than to have it empty. Seriously, they will have absolutely no interest in playing with anything.
3. The toilet paper roll will be unrolled and all or some will be in the toilet.
4. B will be chasing or running away from A. The child being chased usually is laughing with the other child's cup in hand who in turn is screaming.
5. They have found a way into my bathroom and are under the sink pulling out the millions of products I don't use but feel the need to keep.

I have become OK with these possibilities. I have learned that if I want the DVDs to stay alphabetized they need to be in another room. The toy box is supposed to be empty except at bed time. I should have learned my lesson by now to keep the toilet paper out of reach of little hands, and my bedroom door must remain locked all day long. And sisters fighting over things is part of being siblings, they will work it out and be fine. This is just how it is.

But today was different. Today no screaming alerted me it was time to save someone or something. It was just quiet. And quiet with toddlers is usually not a good thing. I assessed the situation to find the DVDs intact, toys still put away, and the bathroom doors still closed.

I snuck around the hall to find both girls in their bedroom. And I saw something wonderful.

I saw B "reading" her flash cards to A. They were both sitting on the ground facing each other while B showed a card to sissy, asked her what it was, then said "good girl" and gave her the card. All they while my little 1 year old was sitting completely amused in the cards big sister was giving her. They would smile at each other and laugh. They were sharing, and not because I told them to, because they just were. And it wasn't just that they were sharing, or not screaming, it was that in that moment they were completely happy.

I needed a picture of this! It is too easy to miss these moments. Too often I find myself after the fact saying "I wish I had taken a picture". Not this time, I would get my perfect shot now.

As I started to step away I stopped.

Something about the moment made me want to stay and watch and enjoy instead of rushing away for a picture. It seemed too personal for a picture, something just for me to see. The joy of seeing my 2 girls having fun together, being 2 sisters who not only love each other but like each other. And I knew the moment would end too soon, I couldn't just leave, I didn't want to miss a second of it. I don't need a picture, its too precious a moment to ever be properly captured on film. A picture cant possible do it justice. Stepping behind a camera would take me away from the pleasure of just being in the moment. So I just stayed and watched and enjoyed.

And when the moment ended, I thought...

I wish I had taken a picture.

But this other one is sweet too.

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