Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 4 am ER trip

I have been a mom now for almost 3 years. In that time have never been to the ER. That seems to be quite a feat from what I have heard from other mom who are working on trips in the double digits by the time their kids reach 3 years.

Well, my perfect streak came to a screeching halt yesterday morning.

I was violently awakened from my peaceful slumber at 4:00 am to the sounds of my youngest angel screaming from the top of her lungs. For a brief second I assessed the scream. Is is pain? Tired? Bad dream? Sick? I immediately decided that this scream wouldn't cry itself out and I needed to get in there before she woke her big sister. Amazingly her sister was still asleep so I whisked her out asap.

After checking her over I found a fever of 102, deep gravely cough, new tooth coming in and the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.

At this point a million things go through your mind. Is it serious enough to go see a doctor? Should I wait and see a doctor in the morning? Go to the ER now? Am I a bad mother to drag her out of the house now? Am I a bad mother to wait? Is it an ear infection? Croup? Do I bring big sister so daddy can go to work?

So I decided a trip to the ER would be best. But trips to the ER are always terrible aren't they? We have all heard the horror stories about late night runs to the emergency room. It would seem from those stories that my mom was right, nothing good ever happens after midnight.

But I decided my screaming child needed medical attention that I couldn't give. I doped her up with Tylenol, changed her diaper, got her dressed in comfy clothes, and whisked her off to the ER... oh, and with big sister sleepily in tow. We were quite a sight I can assure you.

I may or may not have left the house with a different flip flop on each foot. And I may have later discovered that my hair looked as though I had just stepped out of a wind tunnel... but it is Oklahoma so that is always a possible weather option here.

I decided the trip was a good idea. My baby wasn't terribly traumatized, though I'm sure being tired and sick in a strange hospital will do nothing to help her fear of doctors. It turns out she has a yeast infection. Poor baby!

Daddy of course replied with "how the hell did she get a yeast infection at 1 year old?!" I assured him it wasn't that bad, more like athletes foot on her rear. I realize now that shouldn't have made it seem any better but it worked for him. I explained that when sitting in a wet diaper for 24 hours an infection is almost inevitable. He calmed down, wished me good luck with the rest of my day and went back to sitting with his feet up on his desk, maybe catching an early nap before lunch. You know, the usual.

I realize that is not at all what any day is like for him, in fact he works very hard, I know he does. But when I have just been woken up after 4 hours of sleep, knowing I have a very hard day ahead of me with 2 tired toddlers, and no hopes of a nap, I couldn't help but get the image of WM lounging in his chair with his hat cocked over his eyes, snoozing.

The fever was under control quickly and with a super cream called "Poop Goop" coating her bottom she is well on her way to recovery.

Oh and B was amazing at the hospital. She helped me keep sissy full of Cheerios, kept her laughing by roaring at her (it always makes her laugh), and never strayed from my side. I love that little girl, and she is getting so big! I know I should feel bad about that but I cant help but feel happy, but mostly proud at what a good little girl she is becoming.

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