Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise

We had an adventure of a lifetime!  I had bought these tickets on Living Social for a sunset cruise on the north shore way back in July.  Fast forward to February and the tickets are about to expire!  Well I am so glad we waited as long as we did because had we gone in July it would have been a completely different cruise.

We got to see whales!!!  When I went on the shark dive I got to see the back of 2 whales but they were very far away.  Not the case this day, we saw dozens!!!  The closest ones were just 30 yards or so away!!

Posing before the cruise

Aww, aren't we adorable :)

 The captain let Beau and Ali help "steer"

Sitting on daddy shoulder

Beau was looking for whales

Managed to catch one on film!

The sunset was amazing

Its safe to say Beau had a fabulous time!

Alex found the snacks

But we didn't just see them, we got to listen to them too!  The captain had a nifty microphone that he placed in the water and we listened for about 10 minutes to the amazing sounds they make.  Here's a video :)

The Whales migrate down here every winter to have their adorable babies, its estimated that close to 30,000 make Hawaii home over the winter months!  You would think with those numbers I wouldn't feel so special getting to see a few...you would be wrong!  It was amazing!

Once the sun set we brought the girls in and the captain turned on the "super duper bright red light" (that's a quote from Beau, not the captain)

Heres a special little clip of our awesome captain blowing the conch shell.

Trip of a lifetime!

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