Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photos, photos, and more photos

I did find one pic from the 80's themed party! None of the guys wanted to be in the picture. Huh, puzzling.

I took the girls to get ice cream and Alex kept trying to wipe Beaus face off. She is a messy eater.

Beau taking the neighbor for a ride.

My new running shoes!

The blister I got from my new shoes. I had a matching one on the other foot too.

"What? This is how I like to wear my glasses. "

"Don't bother mom, I've tried to tell her. "

My 4th visit to turtle bay and still no turtles. Grrr. This was after the shark swim :)

My awesome new bike!!!

Family bike ride!

Our little soccer star!

Beau took this picture of Daddy :)

I had been holding my smile for a whole minute while she fumbled with the phone. "I am going to stop smiling if you don't take the picture righ--"

My blonde beauty :)

My anniversary present to Sam :)

Beau's boyfriend ;)

My sunshine on a rainy day.

"momma you gonna get aww wet". She melts my heart :)

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Debbie said...

You sure made up for lost time. LOVE the new blogs, and as usual, they made me cry. I just miss you guys too darn much!!