Saturday, February 11, 2012

I took January off, so sue me.

I know its been over a month since I last updated but I really have been spending all my extra time with my family.  After updating 28 times in the month of december I thought I deserved a month off :)

Here's what you missed...

Dec 31st-Jan 1st - Sam and I attended a New Years Eve Party with a - wait for it... 80's Aerobics Instructor Theme!  And Yes we both dressed up.  Sam rolled his shorts up super high, wore a tank top, pulled his socks up to his knees, rocked some high tops and completed the ensemble with a sweat band on his head.  It was awesome, no I don't have pics and yes I have kicked myself daily for that.  I wore leggings with puffy slouch socks, my bathing suit bottoms over the leggings, a short off the shoulder shirt, with suspenders, a high side braid and sweat band on my head.

I'd like to think we looked like Jane Fonda and Lyle Alzado, but I'm sure we looked more like Richard Simmons and who ever this chick is.  We had a fabulous time and that's all that matters :)

January 8th-9th - Sam took his CrossFit Certification class and passed.  He is now officially allowed to say, "Trust me, I know what I'm talking about".  We are so proud of him and he is quite proud of himself :)  Plus his picture was up on the main crossfit website so he was a bit of a celebrity amongst his fellow box heads.  That's what I'm calling them since a crossfit gym is called a "box" and the "box" occupies 82% of their thoughts.  He is well on his way to retiring and becoming an instructor and eventually opening his own box.

January 22nd - I swam with the sharks!!!  It was fabulous!  The spouses in Sams squadron try to get together once a month and it was my turn to plan an outing, I chose swimming with sharks :)  Unfortunately it was January on the North Shore of Hawaii and thats when the waves are particularly large, the boat ride was an interesting adventure.  After we got out of the shark cage 2 ladies puked off the side of the boat, 1 tried her hardest to keep it down and 1 other just felt a little nauseous.  I'm proud to say another lady and I were fine.  It was sooo fun and I highly recommend!  I thought it would be scary but it really wasnt.  In fact, I wish it had been just a *little scary.


January 31st - Sam and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!  Since we try and eat healthy most of the time our big splurge was pizza and ice cream...ok and some chips.   ... and candy.   ....   and cookies too.  Are you happy?!  We didnt want to get a babysitter so we just stayed home with our smorgasbord and watched Moneyball.  I was a fabulous way to celebrate!

The girls were adorable as always!  Its best to show that in photos so I will follow this up with some from my phone (that seems to be how I take most of my pictures now)...but Ali is holding it hostage until I pour her some milk so that will be coming soon.

Thanks for still checking in

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