Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watching Daddy Leave

Daddy was taxiing away from his parking spot at 7pm so I ran the girls outside before scooting them off to bed. Gotta love living on base, we just had to walk across the street!

Aww, let's pretend I didn't have to force them to stand like this. 

They waved goodbye and shouted things like...
"I love you Daddy"-Beau
"I wuv you Danny"-Ali


"Be safe"-Beau
"Don't be safe"-Ali
"No Alex! BE safe!"- Beau
"Ouch! DON HIT ME"-Ali

 It was bed time after all.

Have a fun weekend in Alaska babe! Muah! 

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1 comment:

Lauren said...

Holy's about time for some updates! :) And Holy Cow...Beau looks just like a lighter haired Tess in that goodbye photo! Miss you and the family!!!!!!