Monday, December 24, 2012

Beau-ism of the week

Beau had found a stick that was long enough to ride around upon the park like what appeared to be a horse.  Oh us common folk would assume it was a horse, oh no, not Beau.  This girls imagination would never waste time with a real creature.  Here is a little glimpse into the mind of this little girl...

Our neighbor Jon:  "Whatcha riding there Beau? A horse?"

Beau:  "ugh, no.  This is my unicorn Alestia, and see she has a beautiful pink legs with purple shoes, and see her hair is shimmery, like glittery, like the sun, like a silver purple crayon, and she loves when I ride her around for her exercise because she has a lots of energy, because she eats a lots of foods like for energy, so I have a to ride her so she doesn't get too much energy in the house, because energy is for outside the house, and for like I have energy to go to crossfit, because I eat lots of good foods or energy like I ride Alestia.
(notice the lack of periods, this was intentional.  She said the whole things as one long sentence)

Jon:  "Cool"

Beau:  "Yeah, she is pink."

Jon:  "Does she have wings?"

Beau:  "Absolutely not."

Jon:  "Can she blow out fire like a dragon?"

Beau:  "Absolutely not.  She is not a dragon, shes Alestia, and shes a UNICORN.  Not a dragon"

Jon:  "I bet your daddy would like it if she was a flying dragon"

Beau:  "Well...he likes her alright.  But he cant ask me because hes at the daddy store."

Jon:  "What's at the daddy store?"

Beau:  "Cigars"

And without another word she rides off on Alestia.

This girl needs to create something for a living.  She is never happier as when her mind is engrossed in the ingenious world of her imagination.

If left to her devises, she will move mountains some day.  I just know it.

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Debbie said...

We need a Beau fix (alias Pink Cat Girl).