Monday, December 24, 2012

Perplexing Moments with Alex

The girls were watching some christmas cartoon, I'm pretty sure it was garfield but Im not sure.  What can I say, Beau knows how to control the playstation and can turn on Netflix like a pro, it gives me more time to clean instead of micromanaging everything that happens in this house.  Win, Win!

Anyway... in the middle of a cartoon about a bunch of talking animals I hear this...

Alex:  "Hey! Pigs cant talk!"

Me:  "Wha?"

Alex:  "Mom, that pig is tawkin!"

Me:  "Um... he sure is!"

Alex (frustrated and confused):  "No mom.  Pigs cant talk!"

Me (pointing to the other animals on the screen):  "But cats, dogs, roosters, sheep, and cows can?"

Alex (points her tiny yet authoritative finger at me):  "Yeah!  But pigs CANT talk!"

Who am I to argue with that?

This girl, she will never take no for an answer. Never.  If she is not a professional negotiator of some kind it will be a waste of talent.  Some may call it stubborn, I can it passionate :)

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