Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again!!! It's probably been about 7 months since I posted on here but as some of you know I have been beyond overwhelmed with these masters classes. I restricted myself from the computer until this was all over and I am ALMOST done (last day of class is december 24th!!!!) so hopefully I can get regular about this again soon. Until then...

Day 1: Find Gingy!

Our favorite little creeper is back and the girls were soooo excited to see him. Beau said to me a few days before his scheduled arrival "I bemember with my mind that Gingy was here and we had that box with the numbers (advent calendar) and he would fly to Santa! I bemember that! We should do that again!"

As you wish my dear :)

Day 2: Buy a Toy for A Stranger!

The girls schools are participating in Toys for Tots so I thought it would be best to let the girls pick out their own gifts to give. It took some convincing that there were kids who deserved them, Alex was convinced no other kids needed toys "but mommy I NEED dis! No oder kids NEED dem!!"

In the end they were very proud to buy dolls for others :)

Day 3: Make Christmas Cookies!

This is always a favorite day for the girls AND Sam. I let them choose the cookie colors and I guess Christmas colors for 2 little girls are pink and blue. They taste delicious anyway :)

That's all so far!!

I won't be posting everyday because I still have 7 papers to write...wish me luck!

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