Monday, December 24, 2012

Backtracking on Xmas

So things got a little busy and a lot stressful. But I still managed to celebrate all 25 days of Christmas, even if I didn't post it all on here.

And the best news...(drumroll please)... Hubby finished his Masters!!!! (Screw the drumroll, cue the marching band!!) I know I didn't elaborate but the Masters program was taking its toll on our happy family, by that I mean it was taking it toll on Daddy, which takes its toll on Mommy, which definitely affects the girls. So the only logical move was to put our brainy heads together ( by that I mean hubby's head is sooo brainy that by putting ours together hopefully some telepathy brain wavey absorption thingy would happen, thus making me smarter...totes worked too, obvi!) and get this masters done together. Who knew it took 2 bachelor degrees to get one masters! But it worked and we did it! Hubby is now a master :) at least he insists that is what he is called now.

Back to the 25 days of Christmas. I started this on my phone for some reason and this will be a long post so excuse me while I switch to the Mac :)

To be continued...

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