Monday, January 31, 2011

Home sweet home

T minus 7 days until the movers come and pack up our life and ship it to Hawaii! I only have about a million things to do before then.

Purge garage
Purge file cabinet
Purge closet
Purge pantry
Purge girls clothes
Purge bathroom cabinets
Pack valuables in original boxes so movers can't break anything too important
Putty all picture holes in house
Paint all putty marks from picture holes in house
Return cable boxes and remotes to Suddenlink
Pack our travel bags
Prep car for transport
Sell other car
Scrub house when it's empty
Find buyers or renters for the house
Find agent to manage house if renting
Find temporary house in Hawaii
Get plane tickets to Hawaii
Reserve rental car in Hawaii
Say goodbye to our home of 3 years

It finally hit us last night that we are really moving to Hawaii! We couldn't be more thrilled to start this new adventure... but I sure will miss this home. I will miss the place both girls took their first steps, said their first "I love you"'s, and shed their first real tears. I will miss knowing my way around in the dark, parking both cars in the garage, my huge windows that allow endless hours of people watching to the street. I have sunk my blood, sweat and tears into this home, from the counters and tile I installed myself, to the decorations and pictures I hung with love. This has been our home for 3 wonderful years. Even though it is in tornado alley Oklahoma, it was still our home. Our 1st home. And I am quite sure I will cry when we leave.

I'm just hoping the beautiful beaches of Hawaii will heal these wounds quickly ;p

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