Friday, November 4, 2011

Per the hubby's request I will be updating more often when he's out of town. I had no idea he read the blog until a conversation that went something like this...

Him: "so, this blog of there another one that you actually do update?"
Me: "huh? You read my blog?!?!" (shocked and flattered at the same time)
Him: "yeah, I checked it everyday when I was in Japan"
Me: sad face because I didn't post even once when he was gone "I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone but my mom read it"
Him: "I have read every word you have ever written"
Me: super sad face "well I promise I will post more, even if its only while you're gone!"
Him: "well I especially like the stories that make me seem funny, do more of those."

Oh Sammy. Only because I love you soooo much :)

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