Sunday, February 17, 2013

Every girls gotta have goals

My 33rd birthday is right around the corner.

In June.

Its 4 months away.

As a thirty something that feels right around the corner.

I wanted to set some fitness goals for myself with my 33rd birthday as the deadline. (note to self, come up with a friendlier name as opposed to DEADline, thirty-somethings don't just toss around the D word anymore)

Here are my goals...

~ 33 second L-sits
  {current record is 5 seconds...this needs a lot of work}

~ 33 double-unders
  {current record is 3.  Hubby tells me once you get it you just get it and all of a sudden I will be able to do 50 unbroken...he often sets unreasonable standards}

~ 3 unassisted pull-ups
  {I dont have the kipping pull-up down yet without a resistance band so this is going to be tough}

~ 33" box jump
  {28" is my max, gotta get jumping}

~ 3 toes-to-bars
  {I set this record 3 weeks ago and I already have 2, this one is in the bag}

~ 3 handstand pushups
  {I may have been high on chalk fumes when I came up with this one.  Neva.  Gonna.  Happen.  It seems I too set unreasonable standards}

~ sub 9:00 2000m row
  {I set this goal 3 weeks ago as well and I currently have a 9:17 time, easy peasy}

There it is.  My goals for the world to see.  (Or at least the 4 of you who read this - actually I know I get many new hits a day, whoever you strangers are who happen upon my tiny blog...well, I'm sorry the inter webs dropped you into this weird corner.  I have a strange sense of humor that only I understand.  The good news is, I think I'm hilarious so if you are even slightly entertained this blog should be a beacon of light for you for many moons to come) (Do you think there should be a limit for how many words or sentences should be allowed in parentheses, that one when on for a while) (And do you need to utilize proper use of punctuation while in a parenthesis?  I hate when a period is just sitting there right next to the end parenthesis) (.) (and which spelling is considered correct, parentheses or parenthesis?  Both are nouns according to the blogger dictionary) (.)

Check out this little rock star with a perfect L-sit!

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