Saturday, June 15, 2013

In case I ever get a big head

I have been hard core Paleo for exactly 59 days. No cheats. what. so. ever.  

I made the mistake of actually feeling good about my body for a few minutes. 

Beau and Alex are always around to fix that. 

This morning, while working out in the short shorts...

Alex: "Mom, are you big and fat?"

Me: " Umm, no." (Pause) "Do I look big and fat?"

Alex: "No"

Me: "Good answer"

Alex: "Well, your butt kinda does"

Beau: "And the tops of your legs"

It's a good thing they are so cute. 


A CocoBubba Life said...

I've "laughed off" a few brutally honest kids myself this week...

"You get fat when you're pregnant, huh?"

"Ooh look! It's the chubby one!"

The darndest things...

Elly said...

I just blogged about this the other day! Julio was just looking at all your pictures and said, "she looks like she lost some weight." So there u go;)